I do a complete walkthrough of Social Prospector Pro on a live call with Marketer, Nicholas Lal!

Video Transcription

[00:00:00.20] - Nicholas Lal
What's going on, everybody? This is Nicholas Lal from Dallas, Texas. Today, I have a very, very special guest. It's my good buddy, Rodney Stokes. This is somebody that I have known ever since I broke into Internet marketing back in two thousand fourteen. He's been one of my closest friends and confidant. And the reason I brought him on this training today is because he has launched a revolutionary software that will help people in all businesses. This is not just an Internet marketing tool. This is a tool that will help you build your list for your business no matter what you do. Now Now to give a little bit of background, me and Rodney broke into email list building probably back in two thousand fourteen. Since then, we've done different projects and stuff. We went our own separate ways. We always find a way to come back and start working together on certain things. And as a matter of fact, if you saw recently, I was on that health journey and stuff. I had lost, you know, thirty, thirty five pounds. Rodney is actually one of the reasons because he has this group that he runs called the fit marketer. And what we do is we inspire marketers to stay healthy while they're behind the computer all day. And, it's because of him, he actually got me on that path. So, So, you know, back then, I was, like, two hundred and thirty pounds when me and Rodney first started that thing. Now I'm, like, you know, one ninety and stuff. So still got a lot of work to do. This pandemic has not been good to me, Rodney. Pandemic hasn't been good because the gym is cold. Yeah. So, you know, I've I've put on another eight pounds, but it's okay. Luckily, I lost thirty five first. Anyways, without further ado, Rodney, I just wanted to bring you on. Give people a little bit of background, you know, where you're from, what you've been doing before Internet marketing, current, just kind of a a quick run through.

[00:01:36.20] - Rodney Stokes
Okay. Well, Nick, I appreciate the intro. And, like you said, man, we've known each other since around two thousand thirteen, two thousand fourteen. I actually started Internet marketing in two thousand and eleven. That doesn't mean I was successful. I was really, you know, learning. I was making a decent amount of money, but, at the time, you know, the way I got into Internet marketing was really because I was trying to figure out a way to, make some money on the side, but not be tied into a job per se because I was a college basketball player. I played at Morgan State. And when I, graduated in two thousand eleven, that's when, college that's when NBA lockout happened. So I'm not sure if, you know, those of you who are watching, if you're familiar with the lockout, but pretty much the NBA players were on strike because they were trying to make more money, and a lot of them ended up going over overseas and taking all of the spots from the guys who were trying to go overseas. So I signed a three year contract with the agent. I was supposed to be geared up to start playing ball and making money, then a lockout happened. I didn't hear from my agent. He disappeared on me, but I knew that I can get a call at any moment. And the way that the overseas world works is they literally call you in the middle of the night sometimes and say, hey. Two days, we want you in Italy. Pack your bags. Make sure, you know, you're there for, the plane, right, to take off. So I knew that I couldn't get a typical job. So, literally, I went to the computer. I typed in, you know, how to make money online. And from there, I was kinda hooked. You know what I mean? Started to get a little, results. Started to get, kinda complacent. You know, I started to kinda get lazy a little bit. I was making a little bit of money, and then I just said, look. I'm a go ahead and go with this thing and provide for my family this way. So that's how I came online. And like I said, in two thousand thirteen, around that time, I started selling solo ads, and that's how me me and Nick first met. And, even since then, I was always kind of a systems and software type of guy. And it wasn't until maybe a year later, you know, I I really started to say, okay. Let me branch out and see if I can figure out how to help other marketers. Because when I would figure out how to create a system or process for myself, I knew that other people, you know, would need that as well. So I started learning how to package things up and, you know, bring other people inside of my systems and processes, and, that kind of branched off into all different types of softwares. So, that's kinda how I ended up here today, with Social Prospector Pro.

[00:04:04.90] - Nicholas Lal
Awesome. So from the softwares you've made, how what type of different softwares have you made that kinda led to this?

[00:04:13.40] - Rodney Stokes
So my very first software was back in two thousand twelve or thirteen, around that time. It was called Site Swiper, and, it was really kinda like a cheap software. I was kinda getting my feet wet, and it would, you know, allow people to go to someone's website. And you can put in the URL, and then it will make a duplicate of the website. Wow. Not you know, it wasn't the best tool. It was kinda black hat ish. But, you know, that was my first try at at it. The second tool I had was a tool called Leap Grabber Pro. It was an email scraper tool. From there, I branched over into a a system called ClickGrabber Pro, which you're familiar with that. Mhmm. It kinda helps you manage your, email marketing campaigns, filter things out, you know, organize and all that type of stuff with your email list. And, and that led to what was my next software? That actually led to, trying to think it was another software that I had. But, anyway, that that ended up leading me over to kind of the social media realm and and creating different, scrapers and stuff like that in scripts. And, I will give them out for free because I was in the business opportunity space. I saw how much people loved it. And then for me, I said, let me go ahead and package this up and bring it to the marketplace.

[00:05:30.60] - Nicholas Lal
So let me ask you this. Where did the light bulb go off where you decided that, hey. Aside from just making, email marketing tools, I'm gonna make social media marketing tools. Where did that light bulb go off?

[00:05:42.00] - Rodney Stokes
To be honest with you, it was just, when I would learn a method, I would always see how I can automate it. So I I started to learn about Facebook groups and, you know, it it kinda clicked in my head, that people who are interested in the same things hang out together in, you know, specific places. So if I can siphon those people out of those locations and I constantly talk about, you know, a solution to a problem that I know exists for those people, it, you know, it could be a easy way to make money. And So as I started to experiment with that, I would create my own little routines and processes. And from there, I created scripts for it. At the time, I was using something called tampermonkey. And it was like a little cheap way to make a to automate something on your page. And, once I saw that that was working consistently, and I'm talking about, like, thousands of dollars were coming in from these methods, then I said, okay. This this concept is proven. Let me package it up. So it was just kinda out of necessity just learning these different methods, and, you know, I just saw that it worked for me.

[00:06:43.50] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. And for me, the light bulb went off because we've talked about this a lot of times is that you need to have a email list. If you're in business it doesn't matter if you're a mom and pop bakery or you're a Fortune five hundred company. You need to have a list of your clients. Too many people are dependent on third party platforms, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They try to do all their business on there. And then, so one day they violate a terms of service violation, boom, everything's gone. And they never took that time to develop a list. That's why when you presented this tool to me, it just made sense because it lets you network on social media, but at the end result is to pull them to a place where you can eventually get them on your email list. Now you have that asset. Correct?

[00:07:23.50] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. Exactly. And I actually I will have, a couple of customers because I do solo ads and, you know, I I will have a customer come to me and say, man, I really want to scale up, you know, with your traffic, but I don't really have the funds. So then I would say, well, look. I got this thing that I've been using myself. You wanna test it out? If you make some money, just come back to me, and we can spend it on some paid traffic to scale up your results. And then that kinda that's really when a lot went off. When I said, well, look. Let me just put this thing out there. Because I've been using this for, you know, two, three years before I even made it available to everybody.

[00:07:56.19] - Nicholas Lal
Wow. That's good. So you've put a lot of time and effort just testing it yourself. And that's the problem. Some people in the software industry, they come up with an idea and they try to launch it the public two weeks later. You can't do that. You have to put in the time to test it. Right?

[00:08:08.00] - Rodney Stokes
Not at all. Especially the nature of, you know, space Facebook specifically. You know, they're always changing. And right now, they're in a process of changing the design and the interface and stuff, so that's gonna be a challenge for my self. But as a marketer, I use this for myself, so I'm gonna make the necessary modifications and changes and everything, and then everyone else who has benefits. Because it this is all marketers by marketer. You get what I'm saying? Yeah. So like you said, this is not just something I put out there for a quick buck. This is something that makes me money every day. And, you know, I I provide training and the same things that I use. So everyone kinda benefits from me staying on top of this and the trends and the changes.

[00:08:51.20] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. Definitely. Because I've seen a lot of people, they launch a software and then they give it no support. They'll and the biggest thing that I've seen that they do wrong is they just charge a one time fee, and then all of a sudden, they get these support headaches headaches, and they don't wanna support their product anymore. Right? So one thing that I've done personally is I only I only try to deal with people that actually do have an ongoing fee for a software. And the reason being is I wanna make sure they have some skin in the game to take care of me because I am investing in their tool. Right?

[00:09:20.10] - Rodney Stokes
So Exactly.

[00:09:20.89] - Nicholas Lal
I mean, with that said, you know, maybe in the future, we can do another demo with my account. But for right now, why don't you give us a test drive and, you know, share your screen and show people what this tool can do?

[00:09:32.29] - Rodney Stokes
Sure. Let me go ahead and share the screen. Let me know when you see it.

[00:09:37.39] - Nicholas Lal
Alright. Let's see it.

[00:09:38.79] - Rodney Stokes
Okay. So this is the main interface. You can see at the time, we have one, two, three, four, five. We we have about eleven or twelve features. There's about one or two more features on the way. But right away, once you log in, you're gonna see right here says select the amount of post to scan for friends who haven't engaged with them. And that's kind of wordy, but in a nutshell, we have ten to one hundred different posts that we can scan that you made on your timeline. And based on the amount of people who hit any of the emojis, that could have have been the like emoji, heart, mad face, sad face, crying face, care face, and comments. If anybody on your Facebook friends list hit those emojis or comment it on your last ten posts up to your last one hundred posts, they're good. But anyone who hasn't, this software is gonna find them and it's gonna comprise a list of all inactive people. An inactive friend is a person who has not comment or engaged with those posts like I just described. So this is the inactive scanner. Do you want me to run a scan, or do you want me to just move on throughout the features?

[00:10:49.20] - Nicholas Lal
Let's move on throughout the features first because, you know, if you run a scan unless you wanna run a scan and then come back to it later because I think you do have the functionality where you could just keep going with your work as long as you leave Facebook alone. Is that correct?

[00:11:01.39] - Rodney Stokes
Right. So let me see. Let me just go ahead and do the last, ten post.

[00:11:05.39] - Nicholas Lal

[00:11:06.10] - Rodney Stokes
So that's gonna scan in the background. And so the post render, I'm not gonna open this up yet. I'm just gonna describe it while the other inactive scanner is running because I don't wanna multitask because that's the quickest way to set off red flags with Facebook.

[00:11:19.70] - Nicholas Lal
Got it.

[00:11:20.10] - Rodney Stokes
So post render, the way this works, now how I described earlier, you know, you have groups where people congregate and all of the people inside of the group are interested in a common, interest or product or whatever it is. Right? It's the same thing with post. So, an example that I like to, do is if I was selling dog food, and I thought to myself, okay. Who are my perfect customers and where they hanging out? So my perfect customer might be people who are into dog lover groups or pet owner groups. But then they are also posting on specific type of post. So I can then go to my competitors. I can go. Okay. So you can see the post the, scanner is finished. So the past ten post, these people haven't engaged with my past ten post. Okay. So I can then go down and I can select. I can make it bigger. Scroll. Select these people. Or I can select all. Click on remove, and then it go through one by one. And it's, about a five second delay between every single unfriend. So it'll remove these people from your friends list. Right? So that's how that works. Okay? But back to the post friend. So I can go to my competitors. So if I knew, let's see. What's a dog food, company? I don't know any brands.

[00:12:41.70] - Nicholas Lal

[00:12:43.29] - Rodney Stokes

[00:12:44.00] - Nicholas Lal
I think. I

[00:12:44.89] - Rodney Stokes
don't know. Yeah. I think so. That that sounds right. So look. So say I went to Perena's Facebook page

[00:12:49.60] - Nicholas Lal

[00:12:49.89] - Rodney Stokes
And they had maybe a hundred thousand likes on the page. They had multiple posts on there ranging from, like, two hundred to seven hundred likes on that post, right, on each post. So I can literally go to the post, and I can open this now. I don't know how to spell that.

[00:13:07.60] - Nicholas Lal
Go to p u r I n a, I think.

[00:13:11.29] - Rodney Stokes
P u r I n a r. Let me p u r I n let's see what pops up for that. And this is good to know because if this don't go smooth

[00:13:32.70] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. I think we're having a little bit of lag time. I don't know if it's my computer or Facebook.

[00:13:36.60] - Rodney Stokes
One of the next one.

[00:13:38.50] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. So I couldn't hear you there for, like, the last thirty seconds. There's a little lag time.

[00:13:44.10] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, yeah. I was saying this is good to note because if that didn't go smooth, we can do a different example in the next one.

[00:13:49.70] - Nicholas Lal

[00:13:50.00] - Rodney Stokes
Alright. So, Okay. Let me see if that's it.

[00:13:53.20] - Nicholas Lal

[00:13:53.39] - Rodney Stokes
Because that's, oh, wow. So one point nine million people

[00:13:58.50] - Nicholas Lal
Look at that. That's a dashpot. And look at celebrities. The The

[00:14:01.60] - Rodney Stokes
The The perfect example. So look. Let's let's go ahead and scroll down and look at some of these posts. Wow. So that many likes on that page in this little engagement. So forty likes. So we still use this as an example. So you can see that it's blinking and it's highlighted. It's it's for a reason. So once I click on this, it's gonna pull up the list of peep who who like that particular post. Now myself, I'm not gonna hang out on Purina's page. I'm not gonna like those posts. I don't own a dog. Right? And even some dog owners might not do that. So what does that say about people who like this post? Not only are they dog owners, but these people probably are passionate dog owners. You know, they really pay attention to Purina's updates and all of this type of stuff. So these are passionate targeted prospects. So what you wanna do is and you can see this, Nick, I added this here as well. You can choose to only add people who have mutual friends, or you can leave it unchecked. And you can click on start. I'm not gonna do that on my account, but once you click start, it'll scroll down, and it'll add it'll friend request each person one by one. Wow.

[00:15:11.00] - Nicholas Lal
Now a

[00:15:11.20] - Rodney Stokes
person yeah. So a person might say, well, why am I friend requesting these people? Because Facebook allows you to have five thousand friends. They can cap you off to five thousand. Now the problem that most people have is they're joining these business opportunities or they join a company, they're pumped up, then they start posting stuff all over their timeline, and they wonder why they don't get any engagement, they don't get any sales, they don't don't get any click throughs to their website. It's because your Facebook friends don't care about what you're promoting. You know, you have grandma, your aunt, your cousin as your Facebook friend. You know, you have a completely untargeted list that you're connected with that are seeing your post. Now since Facebook allows us to have five thousand friends, why wouldn't you want to fill up that friend limit with five thousand people who've already shown to buy and interact with the type of, business that you have. It only makes sense. So an example that I like to, say is just imagine going into an auditorium or going into a stadium that's filled to the top with five thousand people who all raise their hand and say, I'm interested in what you sell. There's nothing more powerful than that. So that's what we're doing when we're siphoning these friends onto our friends list from these posts. Yeah.

[00:16:28.50] - Nicholas Lal
And this is what I was saying earlier that this is not a tool just for affiliate marketers. I mean, a a product owner would love this tool.

[00:16:35.89] - Rodney Stokes
Absolutely. Because I I I have a lot of people ask all the time, does this work with this offer? Does this work with that offer? If someone is if there are people in the world that are buying what you sell, yes, it will work. Because it's thousands, tens of thousands of Facebook groups, you know, millions of posts on Facebook that, that prove that, you know, that you've been siphoning these people from.

[00:16:55.29] - Nicholas Lal
So basically, as long as it works with Facebook's terms and regulations and guidelines, you're good.

[00:17:00.79] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. And and keep in mind, this is a free method, you know. And, it's the same principle that applies with paid ads. Because when you're running a paid ad, what you're doing is you're putting in the interest. Interest that you know your target demographic are voting on, that that are liking, that are you know, the way that, Facebook allows you to target these people with paid ads is based on interest. So what we're doing with this software is targeting people based on interest. And the interest is either the post that they've, shown to be interested in or the groups that they've joined. And I'm gonna show you that one as well.

[00:17:36.59] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. And I mean, this is amazing because I remember when I was doing Shopify, how much money we had to spend just to get eyeballs. Forget people actually getting on our list because they generally had to buy something to get on our list. Right? I mean, over here, you're plucking people that are in your target audience, and you don't even have to spend anything, and they don't even have to spend anything.

[00:17:56.29] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. And another this is a side note. Another method that, I teach people is once you do start to fill up your Facebook list with these people Mhmm. You can then invite your friends to like your particular Facebook page, your business page. And say, for example, if you got five thousand people, you know, that are on your friends list and you invite all five thousand to like your page, maybe five hundred liked it. Right? But that's enough to do a look alike audience. You you can turn that five thousand that five hundred into five million.

[00:18:24.09] - Nicholas Lal
And that makes so much more sense for something like dog food as a because affiliate marketing is just such a broad thing. Right? But Yes. When you have five hundred people and you know they have a dog and they're looking for look alikes for more people to have a dog, that's a very powerful list.

[00:18:37.90] - Rodney Stokes
It really is. It really is. People don't really know how powerful this thing is, but let me show you what the,

[00:18:43.00] - Nicholas Lal
members are learning as we go how powerful this is.

[00:18:46.40] - Rodney Stokes
I can see the wheels spinning.

[00:18:47.79] - Nicholas Lal

[00:18:48.20] - Rodney Stokes
Alright. So the member printer, as you saw, it loaded up, all the groups that I'm in. Okay? So those include groups that I own and groups that I am just a member for. K. So, I'm just gonna give you an example. So I sell solo ad traffic.

[00:19:03.40] - Nicholas Lal

[00:19:03.70] - Rodney Stokes
Now my targeted prospects are people who have business opportune who are in business opportunities and need traffic and leads. So I make sure that I stay tuned for the different opportunities that pop up. I try to join their groups. Some of these companies are actually will pay to get in. So So just so I can be in the Facebook group. Yeah. And that I I've done that where yeah. It was a group of, like, five thousand members inside of it, and I wanted access to those five thousand prospects. So I paid fifty bucks to sign up for the company. I ended up, you know, canceling the subscription later, but it had great training inside of there too, so it was a win win.

[00:19:39.79] - Nicholas Lal
And I got access to the product. I joined a group. It was probably, like, a hundred dollars one time fee. Well worth it just to network with like minded people.

[00:19:47.50] - Rodney Stokes
It is. It is because it's an investment. So you gotta think. It's not it's not a cost. You know? What is it costing you to not do that? That's the way

[00:19:56.00] - Nicholas Lal

[00:19:56.29] - Rodney Stokes
That I think. You know what I mean? So to have access to something like that is a no brainer. So let's say let's, go to, legendary marketer. So everyone in this group, I know a couple of things about. I know that they're interested in business, business opportunity. I know that they're passionate enough to join a group to try to figure out how to make it work, how to get results. And then also, you cannot get in this group unless you are a member, which means that they paid. So you don't have to do no convincing. You don't have to tell them, hey, this is not a pyramid scheme. You can really make money online. This is a real thing. You don't have to do any of that convincing type of stuff that these people, you know, who are just getting started are doing. You're literally tapping into the cream of the crop. People who spend money and people who are, who need what you have to offer. For me, solo ad traffic. So what I would do is I will click start, and it's gonna literally, scroll down five times. You can change that in the settings. You can make it scroll down ten times, fifty times, or whatever. Mhmm. As a recommendation, we just got it at five. And then it's gonna go back to the top and it's gonna calculate how many Facebook friends were shown within those five scrolls. So it could have scrolled five times, go back to the top and said, okay. Sixty friends were loaded. Then it's gonna go down one by one with a five second wait in between each and it's going to add it's going to, click on add friend, which is sending a friend request. So it's the same concept as post render, but like I said, people who join in a group, you know, they're kinda I I don't wanna say more passionate because it depends, but in my mind, they're pretty serious if they're joining the group about a particular, topic. Right? So let me just go ahead and end that. So that's how post, friend that works. So just keep in mind, these two are specifically to build up your list, to cap out your list at five thousand perfect prospects. This section Have you had

[00:21:54.20] - Nicholas Lal
a lot of extensive testing that five seconds is the good pause in between friending?

[00:22:00.29] - Rodney Stokes
What yeah. I have. Like, actually, I've pushed this thing to the limit, man. I have a second profile that I really do a lot of testing on, and I've sent out, like, five to seven hundred frame requests a day, with the same back to back. Never had any issues. Never got in Facebook jail, anything with just that five second delay. And then, also, I'm considering, allowing users to, put their own delay, but not allowing them to go below below a certain threshold. So if a person only wanted to put one, now I'm not gonna allow you do that. You know? By default, you can't go below five. But if you wanted to put ten or twenty or

[00:22:35.90] - Nicholas Lal
sixty It's okay for people that might be paranoid. They don't wanna lose their account. They can do 10:15 seconds.

[00:22:41.20] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. But I'm not gonna let you, you know No. Go below, what I recommend. Right. So, yeah. So this section right here is a segmentation section. So, literally, these people that you're adding, you can mass message these people. You can make it personalized. So I can say, hey. So like, say for example, it's Sunday. Right? And I want to target people who I've built all the past week. So from Monday up until now, up until Sunday, I wanna say, hey, I'm a go to name tag, I'm a put first name. You can do first name or full name. And what's gonna happen if I'm the recipient of that message, did it say, hey, Rodney. I hope you had a great weekend. Let's crush it this week. Alright. And I can click to it says, friends you want to send to. I want to do recently added. So I'm gonna do based on the people that I added all the prior week, and then it says, number of number of the time range. So add it in the last seven days, but you can also do up to two weeks, one month, three month. Then I wanna do seconds in between each message. I'm a put, I'm sorry, I'm a put number of message. So I wanna here's the thing. Here's my rule of thumb. I don't wanna message more than thirty people a day. Simply because the name of the game is prospecting. You have to have quality conversations. If you're messaging a hundred people, you know, three hundred people, these people are gonna reply back. These are real people.

[00:24:13.59] - Nicholas Lal

[00:24:14.00] - Rodney Stokes
So if you're not carrying on conversations because you're stretched too thin by trying to get, you know, back to each person, You're not gonna close a sale.

[00:24:22.09] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. And if I can if I can give everybody a a little hidden tip here, when you're interacting with people, use that voice recorder and send them a voice message. It's powerful when people can hear your voice. And think about it. You might be driving, whatever. You know, you don't have time to text back and forth. You press that button for three seconds and wish somebody a good day, they're gonna remember that.

[00:24:42.40] - Rodney Stokes
That's powerful. I'm I'm a write that down too because I didn't think about that. Yeah. That that actually help you manage that way, way, way easier. So I'm a do that myself. Yeah. But yeah. I mean, like I said, it just it's common sense. So, of course, you can put whatever number you want. It's completely up to you. But my rule of thumb, and you can see it right here, my suggestion is no more than thirty sent messages per day. Okay? And seconds in between. So five seconds up to sixty seconds. You can do, in between each message and be smart with it. You know, don't and like I said, I have a, you can't do below five seconds anyway. Yeah. So I just implemented that because I had some people that was just firing them off, and, you know, that's just it doesn't make sense. That's not smart. Right? The name of the game is to stay under the radar and look as natural as possible.

[00:25:26.40] - Nicholas Lal
Okay. So, Rodney, let me ask. So for engagement, when you're seeing who's been engaging with you, that's just based on post. Like, if somebody's been ignoring your inbox messages for a while, there's not, like, not much we can do about that right now. Correct?

[00:25:38.90] - Rodney Stokes
No. Isn't it it it's not. I actually had someone bring it up to me, like, two, three days ago. If we can go inside of the inbox message and see if someone left us on the scene and then count them as an inactive Facebook if if the software was working with Facebook's API, we could do something like that, but Facebook doesn't allow us to, get that type of information.

[00:25:59.59] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. But either way, if they're ignoring your inbox, they're probably ignoring all your posts anyway. So you're eventually gonna get around to sweeping them out.

[00:26:06.00] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. They're gonna end up on that inactive list. Right. They can't even just simply reply back to a message. Right. So this one right here, it this works hand in hand with the first scan that I showed you, the inactive scan.

[00:26:17.40] - Nicholas Lal

[00:26:17.70] - Rodney Stokes
So, so you might end up with this list of inactive people, and you say, well, dad, I know this person is a good friend of mine and that person good friend of mine. Or not even that. You might say, well, where do I start? Mhmm. Because I don't know, who to start deleting first. So the inactive organizer, once you click start and I'm not gonna do it because I wanna keep continue to go through

[00:26:40.59] - Nicholas Lal

[00:26:41.09] - Rodney Stokes
The other features. I don't wanna, you know, spend time with it loading. But once you click start, it's going to organize the list either from newest to oldest friends or oldest to newest friends. And then that way, if you ever confuse who's going where to start and who start removing first, it'll populate that list inside of this area, and you can sort it from oldest to newest. So that's how I always start when I I go through the removal process. I look at who's been on my list the longest. Okay. These people have been connected with me since two thousand fifteen, fourteen, or whatever. I'm removing, you know, these first three hundred first.

[00:27:16.79] - Nicholas Lal
That's awesome. Because I remember when, you were first launching this tool when it wasn't available to the public, that was one of the harder things is who to delete and who not to delete because you don't know how long these people have been friends. But now, you know, it it'll sort it out, which is pretty amazing. So you could be like, this person's been a friend for five years. I don't remember talking to them once. They've never bought anything from me. I've never bought anything that that they gotta go.

[00:27:38.40] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. Exactly. Because, say, for example, if you did an active scan, a person could have became friends with you five days ago.

[00:27:44.70] - Nicholas Lal

[00:27:45.00] - Rodney Stokes
And they haven't seen your post yet, so you don't wanna remove them, you know. And here's another feature that some people don't know. If you right click on any of the, profile images, you can go view the profile.

[00:27:56.79] - Nicholas Lal
So if if

[00:27:57.00] - Rodney Stokes
if if you wanna do a quick little get some intel real quick. So, okay, let me see how active they are. Alright. They look like they're pretty serious about marketing. Okay. Let me go right here. Let me see friendship. And so this doesn't happen on all profiles. Mhmm. But the majority of the time, they'll show you when you became friends with that

[00:28:14.00] - Nicholas Lal
person. Got it.

[00:28:14.70] - Rodney Stokes
So you'll be able to see, oh, I've been friends with them since two thousand twelve. Yeah. And and then from there, you can go back and say, let me see if I ever had a conversation with the person.

[00:28:23.79] - Nicholas Lal

[00:28:23.90] - Rodney Stokes
And you can say, oh, they left me on scene. Oh, they never responded to my last message. So I've been friends for eight years. They don't respond. They don't, interrupt my post. They're gone.

[00:28:33.29] - Nicholas Lal
And at the same time, if you click on somebody's message and there's never been any interaction, it's a good time to say, hey. You know what? I was cleaning out my friends list, and I saw that, you know, we've never even spoke to each other. So just wanted to reach out to you and see what you do, get to know you a little better. If you don't wanna respond, not a problem. But at least they know that you're in the process of cleaning out the friends list. So what they're gonna do is go look at your profile to see what you're all about. If they like what you're all about, they'll reach out to you. If not, they'll just continue to ignore you. It's like a process of elimination.

[00:29:01.29] - Rodney Stokes
It is. And you and and you have to think. I mean, these are I mean, the people on your friends list, you should know how they ended up on your friends list. The common mistake that people make is they just accept any and everybody because, you know, it makes them feel the bigger my friends list, the better or the more important I look.

[00:29:19.29] - Nicholas Lal
But they don't realize it actually hurts their engagement.

[00:29:21.90] - Rodney Stokes
It does because you're having a ton of people that's not gonna engage because they're not targeted. They don't care about your business. Yeah. And then at the end of the day, I would rather have five hundred your people. I I have a case study in the back office. Right? I created a second profile, and I showed how I took their profile from zero friends to, like, two or three thousand friends within, like, five weeks. Completely part time. I was just running the software one time a day. And I was just showing how you can take a brand new profile and go through that process of building trust, engagement, stuff like that. My second post on that profile when I had about two hundred and thirty friends ended up getting, like, a hundred and fifty likes with two hundred and thirty friends. So that just goes to show it doesn't matter how many friends do you have. It's the content and it's the quality. You know, it's how targeted those people are. You get what I'm saying?

[00:30:08.09] - Nicholas Lal
Absolutely. I mean, it kinda goes back to, like, just email marketing principles. Right? It's like, we're gonna email as much as we can because our goal is to get you to buy something. If you don't wanna buy, just unsubscribe. So it's just a process of elimination anyways.

[00:30:21.90] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Let them let them filter their self out. Yeah. That's the way I look at it. This one right here, the deactivated profiles tool, this is powerful. This is one of my favorites right here. And then a lot of times when people sign up, for Social Prospect Pro, I say, hey. Look. Let me know how many deactivated profiles you see on your friends list. And I had one lady, come to me and she's like, is this real? And I said, yeah. What do you mean? She said, I have six hundred deactivated profiles that are connected with me. And see, Facebook doesn't show you that. You can't literally scroll down your friends list and see these deactivated profiles.

[00:30:55.59] - Nicholas Lal
Right. But they're still there.

[00:30:56.79] - Rodney Stokes
Is able to find them. Right. And so, literally, if you have a list of say, you you capped out at five thousand friends and six hundred are deactivated and you have no clue, those six hundred spaces could be, spaces available for more prospects.

[00:31:12.50] - Nicholas Lal
They don't necessarily costing you money.

[00:31:14.90] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. And so, that's like having a tenant just living in your building rent free. It doesn't make sense. Right?

[00:31:20.29] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. It actually reminds me of, like, a, you know, car dealership. They can't move these cars, but they're on the lot, so they can't bring any new cars

[00:31:26.79] - Rodney Stokes
up. Exactly. Exactly. It doesn't mean you're successful by having a this is what I try to tell people. Having five thousand friends doesn't mean you're successful.

[00:31:33.79] - Nicholas Lal

[00:31:34.09] - Rodney Stokes
You know, a lot of times it's the opposite. You know, you're suffering and not even knowing it. So the deactivated tool, if I click start, it'll scroll through all of my friends, and then it'll go ahead and give me a list of deactivated people. I remove them immediately. We have four more features here. The post lever tool is a tool. I'm just reading it. Automatically scroll down your timeline, loving each post that you come across. And you can see my recommendation here. No more than twenty scrolls recommend it. And I'll show you what I mean by scrolls. You'll see it opens up to your timeline and a box is gonna appear in a second. And pretty much once you click start, it's gonna scroll down the page twenty times just like the member friend does, And it's gonna go back to the top, and it's gonna tell you how many posts it found within those twenty scrolls. And it'll go down one by one. Let me just run it real quick while I'm talking. It'll go down one by one loving each and every one of those, posts. And it's two reasons this is powerful because people are gonna wanna return the favor. Right? So it's it's reciprocity. You know, people, when you love someone's post, you give them a compliment. People feel the urge to return that to you. So if I love, you know, ten posts, it's a good percentage of those people that are gonna say, let me go ahead and and check his profile out, or who is Rodney? Or let me go love his thing back. So that's one that's one reason. Another reason is, when you love someone's post, the people whose post you love, they're gonna see your content more often. Every time you post new new content, they're gonna be one of the first ones to see it. That's a part of Facebook's algorithm that people don't know. Yeah. You know? So that's gonna increase your profile traffic and your engagement as well.

[00:33:19.59] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. And I don't know if it was you that told me this or somebody else, but the reason to use love instead of like is because everything on Facebook's already blue. Right? But when you click something that's red, you'll see a notification. It'll stand out more in your notifications when you see a heart.

[00:33:35.90] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. It's it seems more genuine, you know. And I I had a I had a guy ask me a question, Valid question. He said, what if it's a post that, you know, I don't necessarily wanna celebrate? Like, someone said that they lost, you know, a loved one or, whatever. So my thing is a love, emoji is universal. Right. So it's not necessarily you're giving a person a thumbs up when they said that they're sad and depressed or they just lost one. Someone.

[00:34:01.70] - Nicholas Lal
Love You

[00:34:02.20] - Rodney Stokes
know, I love like my heart going out to you.

[00:34:03.90] - Nicholas Lal

[00:34:04.70] - Rodney Stokes
You know, so it really fits with any post. So let me just stop that. So you can see it was spreading love to forty nine post. It went through twenty, twelve before I stopped it. The next one. Now, like I said, the goal ultimately is you wanna cap out at five thousand friends who are your perfect prospects. But once when you're in the process of adding these friends, Facebook does not allow you to have more than one thousand pending firm request at any given time. So that means if I sent out, you know, over the past two, three days, I sent out one thousand firm request, that one thousand in first request after that is gonna get denied. Facebook is gonna undo it. And the reason being is, well, I just told you the reason being, but the what the thing that you need to do is you need to cancel those pending firm requests. And, this tool, what it allows you to do is you can sort the list from newest to oldest or oldest to newest. And, if, say, for example, over the past three weeks, I sent out a thousand, pending from request. And yesterday, I sent out, you know, two hundred of that one thousand. Yeah. I don't wanna remove the most recent two hundred first. I wanna remove the oldest, firm request that's been pending the longest because these people had three whole weeks to accept it. So let me start there. I'm gonna remove, let's say, two hundred, and I'm gonna do from oldest to newest. I'm gonna click start, and it'll scroll all the way to the bottom, and it'll start removing the oldest first. Yeah. Because they had the longest and the, you know, the most chance of acceptance.

[00:35:42.80] - Nicholas Lal
And just so people know, like, sometimes they they hang on to a a friend request too long because they really wanna be that person's friend. You have to realize that person might not be dogging you. See, this has happened to me. Is, you know, there's a big event going on, big Internet marketing event. You hear a speech. You wanna be that person's friend. Well, everybody's friending that person right now. They're not gonna have time. But what I've done is later on, I unfriended and then friend again. It's weeks later and they see it right away because now it's at the top of their face.

[00:36:09.40] - Rodney Stokes

[00:36:09.80] - Nicholas Lal
And they'll add you. So the thing is clean that out. And if you really wanna be somebody's friend, just friend them again.

[00:36:15.09] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. So it's it's it's kinda like sending emails, you know, when you're list building, you're sending out an email.

[00:36:20.30] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. You

[00:36:20.59] - Rodney Stokes
know, if you send it out too early and then people send, email to that, recipient's inbox, and it bumps you down. Yeah. So then you can send another email to unopeners. You get what I

[00:36:30.59] - Nicholas Lal

[00:36:31.00] - Rodney Stokes
It might go over some people's heads, but it's the same principle that applies. Yeah. So let me see. So that's a powerful tool, as well. This right here, I love this one, the comment auto reply tool. So the way that this works is I taught over the past couple of years, I teach them method, about a post called a tell me more post. The reason I called it a tell me more post is because you can simply say, hey, wouldn't you like to learn how to make money online, earn while you sleep, and fire your boss? If yes, comment below, tell me more, and I'm going to reply back to you with the information. So if I made that post, I then want to go select that post because people are going to be coming on it. So let me go ahead to my post tester group. And instead of me let me show you this post. So you can see I made this an hour ago. This is a test post with test comments. So you see comment one, commenter, comment, comments. So it's about ten different comments on it. So you see this button right here. I'm gonna click on select post. Now that post is locked in there. It's saved. I'm gonna put a delay in between each reply, five seconds. So what I used to do, I would literally have to one by one go reply to each person that commented, giving them the details. And eventually, I started hiring a VA, a virtual assistant to do it, and I will pay them ten cents per reply. So that kinda let me automate it. But this one right here, it did away with all of that. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna do, multiple different replies. So let's say, hey. Here is the link. A b c dot com. I'm a do one more. Hey. Go here for the details. B c dot com. K? Now the reason you wanna do a variation is send the same message over and over again. That's with anything, because it can raise red flags. So you wanna vary the message, and the software is actually gonna rotate through the message. So you can have two messages or twenty messages. It's gonna rotate through them evenly, and it's gonna reply, you know, in a unique way, in a dynamic way, I should say.

[00:38:54.30] - Nicholas Lal
This goes to all those people out there that used to copy other people's homework. If you're gonna copy, at least change it up a little bit, you know?

[00:39:00.69] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. Someone just turned it in, you know, with their name on it. So you can see this section already.

[00:39:07.09] - Nicholas Lal
Old school talked into this. Right?

[00:39:09.40] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, yeah. For sure, man. This is like the ultimate tool, man. Like like you said, I don't know if people know how powerful this thing is. Yeah. But look at this part right here. So even though it says optional, this is, is gonna allow you to reply only to people who say a specific keyword or a phrase. Yeah. So like I said in that example earlier, if I told everybody to say, tell me more, of course, you're gonna have some knuckleheads that say, hey. Send it. You know? Or, hey, I wanna know, you know, that don't say it. So it's optional. You don't have to just specifically add that filter. But if you wanted to, I'm just gonna do comment one. I'm gonna add, like, two or three phrases. Commenting. And I'm gonna do comment. I think I did a comment three. I'll do comment two. Okay. So like I said, I can leave this blank, and then it just literally reply to every single commenter. But I'm gonna click on start auto comment.

[00:40:04.90] - Nicholas Lal
But, basically, what that does is for people that don't pay attention and put something else, it'll catch them too?

[00:40:10.30] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Well, exactly. So you can put different type of phrases and, keywords that you think a person will put or either that you told them to put.

[00:40:18.30] - Nicholas Lal
And maybe like a misspelling of the word?

[00:40:21.00] - Rodney Stokes
Right. And it it'll locate, see you skipped, the second one.

[00:40:26.40] - Nicholas Lal

[00:40:27.00] - Rodney Stokes
Comment two. That was the other phrase that I put in. So it just replied with a different variation of the message. And what was the other one? I think I put in commenting. So it should skip the next one. So it's checking. Okay. Skipped it. It found the next, keyword that I gave it. Wow. Wow.

[00:40:46.59] - Nicholas Lal
Wow. Wow. That's amazing.

[00:40:48.19] - Rodney Stokes

[00:40:49.59] - Nicholas Lal
Okay. Now if I remember correctly, correct and correct me if I'm wrong. Oh, it was a while back, and I don't know if this was specific to Facebook ads or in general, but they didn't want people to use call to action just to get engagement. I think that might have been specific to Facebook ads. Do you remember that?

[00:41:07.30] - Rodney Stokes
Use call to action actions just to get engagement? I'm not I'm not sure. I've always done call to actions.

[00:41:12.40] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. So I think that might be a Facebook ads thing because, what people would do is, you know, it's like, comment if you want more, and then it would create engagement, which obviously would boost the post more.

[00:41:23.19] - Rodney Stokes

[00:41:24.19] - Nicholas Lal
I think what they did was they I I can't remember exactly what happened, but people started putting the call to action in the image. So Facebook couldn't scan for it anymore.

[00:41:32.59] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, see. That's what I do. So maybe, maybe I just didn't know that because I I do that all the time. Oh. I put it tell me more or whatever in the actual image.

[00:41:41.90] - Nicholas Lal
Okay. So, yeah, that that's a good note for people to take is if you're gonna have a call to action, put it in the image so Facebook cannot scan those words.

[00:41:48.69] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. See, I just learned that I I had no clue. Luckily, I was doing it the right way. Yeah. Yeah. So you can see it is finished. I just quit close and boom. You just knocked out a whole afternoon's task. You know? On some post, it really is. Because I I remember I had a post and my buddy Justin Clark, messaged me, like, the next day or the day after that And was like, dude, I'm literally seeing nothing but your post for the past two days. Because the algorithm, just like Nick said, every single time you reply back to a person and they reply back, thanking you for replying to them, it bumps your post right up to the top of that, to that timeline. So, this replaces all of that, you know, need to do it yourself or hiring somebody.

[00:42:31.30] - Nicholas Lal

[00:42:31.69] - Rodney Stokes
So that's powerful. And I just showed you before this, call, Nick, this watch party auto inviter. So, this is for people, and this is pretty cool. I didn't really have too much knowledge on watch parties before I created this feature, but it was a force, so I put it in here. But pretty much a watch party is like creating a little movie theater. So you can either have, like, pre loaded videos in there that you can put, for other people to watch with you, and you can have chats while they're watching. Or you can do a live video, or you can add, different suggested videos that Facebook has. So, let me just go to live, and Justin Bieber's live right now. Let me add him. And you can do, a playlist as well. So you can add multiple. So as soon as one finishes, it goes to the next. So it's really, really cool. I'm just going to test oh, I don't wanna put this on my timeline. Let me go to my test group. I was about to put Justin Bieber on my timeline.

[00:43:29.50] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. That would have been the end.

[00:43:32.09] - Rodney Stokes
Good to know you. Right. Let me go ahead and do what I just did again. So I'm gonna go to live. House of the dates. I'm gonna do that. Done. So I'm a just do test. So this is this

[00:43:48.90] - Nicholas Lal
is good for a group where people don't have that much time to sit there and moderate it, but you're actively adding content that other people can watch that might not have anything to do. Especially right now, a lot of people are at home. Right? You're giving them something to watch.

[00:44:00.80] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. Exactly. And you and you you get to see the comments, the questions, and the people who has, you know, specific questions, you can follow-up and close them in the inbox. You know, it's really powerful. So I'm gonna do post, and you see it says, your watch party is about to begin. So like I said, it's like we're in a movie theater. So you can see let me go ahead and pause this. This time, there's teleporting. Oh, let me mute it because it's live. And you can,

[00:44:22.80] - Nicholas Lal
you can watch live stuff and recorded stuff.

[00:44:27.40] - Rodney Stokes
Right. Right. So, you'll see how many people show up inside of there with you. Mhmm. And, right now, I'm not gonna be able to show you, I'm not gonna be able to show you how the feature works. But, generally, you click on invite Mhmm. And it's gonna be a box that that shows up, and you put in the amount of people that you wanna invite and the amount of the delay in between each invite. So you've seen that before the call. I just I'm showing the version that doesn't have that latest update yet, so that's why I can't show it. It. Awesome. But,

[00:45:00.69] - Nicholas Lal
the watch party playlist, can you only make a playlist if it's all recorded, or, like, you can have a recorded thing go on after a live thing is over?

[00:45:08.80] - Rodney Stokes
You said can you only make a playlist if it's already recorded?

[00:45:11.69] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. Like, if you have videos one after another, do they all have to be recorded or can you have a live one and a recording go after it's done?

[00:45:18.90] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. I believe so. I think you can have live recording, recording live, you know, different variations, and it's all cute in there.

[00:45:25.80] - Nicholas Lal
There. Because the the reason why is because, let's just say for the sake of argument, president's giving a speech, people wanna watch it. Right? And then after that, you could put a video of some sort of product that you're pitching, maybe like his mug or his t shirt or something. Right?

[00:45:40.00] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. As soon

[00:45:40.59] - Nicholas Lal
as that's done, you you

[00:45:41.00] - Rodney Stokes
you you already got their attention.

[00:45:42.19] - Nicholas Lal
You already have their you already have the audience. Right?

[00:45:44.80] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. That's smart. Yeah. That's another thing. So each each feature kinda opens a door for, you know, a lot of different possibilities.

[00:45:52.50] - Nicholas Lal
Oh, yeah. I'm I'm already thinking, like, on YouTube, every feature should have its own video.

[00:45:58.00] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, absolutely. And it's funny because I was thinking that the other day. I really gotta get on YouTube and cut videos for each feature. Because a lot of people are out here paying the price that I have right now because this price is gonna go up. This is I'm adding a lot of stuff inside of here. So right now for the first, wave of people is thirty dollars per month.

[00:46:16.59] - Nicholas Lal

[00:46:16.90] - Rodney Stokes
Right? But that doesn't mean I'm not debating, you know, going up a little bit in a And

[00:46:20.59] - Nicholas Lal
let let's talk about let's talk about that. Yeah. Because thirty dollars a month is I I already told you it's too cheap. Right? Think about it.

[00:46:27.19] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. It is. We're We're

[00:46:27.80] - Nicholas Lal
We're We're talking about one dollar a day for a software that's gonna generate you quality leads for free. And me and Rodney come from the world where we sell traffic to people. Right? And we're selling them cold traffic, and they're paying good money for it. Right? Sometimes up to a dollar a click. He's saying for a not a dollar a day. I mean, this is a dollar a day. We can charge people a dollar a click. I mean, it, for me, it's so easy to rationalize the value here that

[00:46:52.59] - Rodney Stokes
You know you know what, man? It's funny because I have a, I don't wanna, plug the the website, but I have a website where I give a, a cheat sheet out. And it shows people how to if they didn't wanna use the software for some reason, you can manually do these different things.

[00:47:11.19] - Nicholas Lal

[00:47:11.50] - Rodney Stokes
And, and I have on my second account, my test account, I I have a a different post on there where people click and they go to that capture page and they opt them. So that capture page is currently converting about thirty seven percent and I have like a hundred and seven leads or something so far. And my my, my average lead pays me two dollars and, like, twenty cents. You get what I'm saying? Mhmm. And that's absolutely free. That's just me doing that case study that I was telling you about, just running this off at one time a day. I would show, but I don't wanna show people's details unless you can blur it out.

[00:47:47.30] - Nicholas Lal
You know, that's fine. I mean, we can always do another demo for that later. But, I mean Yeah. I think people understand that there's a lot of power here. I mean and like I said, I mean, thirty dollars a month, I said, whoever's watching this, I guarantee you, Rodney's not kidding. He will raise the price because he's continuously adding products. However, please consider this, that, you know, while he's building this, there's gonna be things that, you know, he needs updates on. So if you guys find a bug, he's gonna want you to email. You have to be very patient with support. That's why the price is so good right now because this is still in a baby phase. Right? This is a product that Rodney could easily easily charge a thousand dollars a year for. It'd be worth every penny. That's not what he's doing. Absolutely. You know, you need to get on this product. My link is above, nicholas loud dot com forward slash s p p. You go over there, you get your account. And, Ronnie, was it three day free trial?

[00:48:37.50] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. It's a three day free not free trial. It's a three day one dollar.

[00:48:40.59] - Nicholas Lal
One dollar trial. Mhmm. Yeah. So one dollar trial for three days. And then after that, is it thirty dollars a month?

[00:48:46.69] - Rodney Stokes
Thirty dollars a month.

[00:48:47.80] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. You just can't beat that. I mean, it's a dollar a day. And then also, if you're somebody out there and you have a lot of influence and stuff and you wanna promote this product yourself, there'll be another link. It's s p p a f f at the end, but I'll I'll put the links below. If you want to be an affiliate, you go to that link, you sign up to be an affiliate under me, and Rodney will give you the power to also sell this. So and just think about what's commissions, Rodney, currently?

[00:49:14.19] - Rodney Stokes
It's thirty three percent residual commission on the social prospect of pro sales. Yeah. And then any additional upsell that someone buys, you get paid fifteen percent commission on

[00:49:24.59] - Nicholas Lal
that. Okay. So, so, essentially, if they get three people under them, their account is all it's paid for. Right?

[00:49:30.80] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. Refer three. Yours is free.

[00:49:33.00] - Nicholas Lal
That that that's amazing. I mean, just think about that. You refer three people and anybody that doesn't have this product and they're in business, they are gonna have to reanalyze why they're in business. But Is that right? You get three people under you and you got this software that's paid for, and it's gonna churn you out money and leads every single day. Now I'm getting excited. I I need to get off this call and start using this toy today.

[00:49:53.30] - Rodney Stokes
Every single day, man. I'm a fan of my own stuff. Like, just like you said, Nick, I mean, one dollar a day literally replaces my virtual assistant. I had two virtual assistants. It literally so, removes all of the dead weight off my list. I mean, it's crazy. It replaces so much for me. So, that price will not remain there, and you could trust you could trust more.

[00:50:14.50] - Nicholas Lal
And and, we we know for a fact. I know it's a cliche, but there are people that buy a Starbucks coffee every single day, and they spend three, four dollars on it like it's nothing.

[00:50:23.40] - Rodney Stokes

[00:50:23.80] - Nicholas Lal
For what? For what? Ten minutes of satisfaction?

[00:50:26.59] - Rodney Stokes

[00:50:27.30] - Nicholas Lal
It's a dollar a day, and it'll give you twenty four hour satisfaction. Let me tell you.

[00:50:31.80] - Rodney Stokes
A hundred percent. And and people are gonna be shocked. I mean, you're gonna see results right away. Like I said, said, one of the first features I tell people to look at is that deactivated profile, feature. You're gonna be shocked. You might have two, three hundred people that's been dead weight on your list this whole time that you had no clue about.

[00:50:47.90] - Nicholas Lal
That's amazing.

[00:50:49.09] - Rodney Stokes

[00:50:50.00] - Nicholas Lal
Cool. I'm sorry. Did I cut you off when you were showing something?

[00:50:53.50] - Rodney Stokes
No. I don't think so.

[00:50:54.50] - Nicholas Lal
I was just asking if little excited there.

[00:50:57.09] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. I was asking if you wanted me to show, that that list that it generated, but, yeah, we're good.

[00:51:04.40] - Nicholas Lal
Which which list was that?

[00:51:05.69] - Rodney Stokes
Remember I said, can you blur it out? Can you blur out the emails? So basically, like I said, I have a cheat sheet that I give out, and I have a couple of posts from on that test profile. And, it it built a list of like a hundred and seven, a hundred and eight, leads. And each lead already is paying me, like, two hun like, two dollars and twenty cents per month.

[00:51:25.69] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead and show it. I'll blur it up.

[00:51:27.80] - Rodney Stokes
Alright. Let me see.

[00:51:31.00] - Nicholas Lal
If not, I'll just edit the video and take it out.

[00:51:33.80] - Rodney Stokes
Right. Yes. So lifetime value. So a hundred and nine active subscribers, and I'll even show you where they came through. So it's a capture page called profile profit. Mhmm. And you see right here, free cheat sheet, four steps to hacking your Facebook profile for unlimited lead sales and sign ups. And it's just, you know, a infographic as well as, like, three to five, tutorial videos where, essentially, I break down, each and every feature that's in Social Prospector Pro. So I tell them, like, hey. Look. You see how to do this thing manually. Now wouldn't you want a tool that automates it? And then, you know, I upsell them on that. So like I said, a hundred and nine came through just from that test profile. Hundred and nine leads, so far I made two hundred and twenty three dollars. Some of them are in trial still. And, the lifetime value of each lead is about two thousand fourteen cents.

[00:52:38.50] - Nicholas Lal
Like, is this something that's only in your account or is this in everybody's account?

[00:52:41.59] - Rodney Stokes
Well, this is just how I track my email list. Okay. This this isn't a part of, the social prospecting program.

[00:52:47.59] - Nicholas Lal
Oh, okay. I was about to say it's like, I haven't seen this before.

[00:52:50.30] - Rodney Stokes
No. This is my Mailchimp, stuff. You know, my personal stuff.

[00:52:54.90] - Nicholas Lal
Got it.

[00:52:55.19] - Rodney Stokes
But, yeah, it's just to show how, how powerful it is. You know? This traffic source is real. People really buy. People opt in. And, I mean, you literally can tap into, the perfect prospect.

[00:53:08.69] - Nicholas Lal
That's amazing. And then that landing page pro, profile profit, where are you advertising?

[00:53:14.40] - Rodney Stokes
Let me see if I can show you that. Let's see. So that's my test account right there.

[00:53:24.50] - Nicholas Lal

[00:53:25.50] - Rodney Stokes
This is what I use to make the, the case study.

[00:53:29.30] - Nicholas Lal

[00:53:29.90] - Rodney Stokes
So you you say I don't even monitor this. I had no clue that she put that there. But I just sprinkled a little bit of content. Let's see how far ago how long ago I did that. So pretty much, this banner up top, when they click on it, it shows them a length right here and right here. So just those two positions got me, you know, a couple hundred visitors and a hundred and nine leads, and two I'm making two dollars per lead.

[00:54:06.69] - Nicholas Lal
So that little banner right there says free cheat sheet? And the so so the one at the top and the one at the bottom? Exactly. Oh, so you're not even advertising this in groups or anything? It's just on your profile?

[00:54:16.30] - Rodney Stokes
Just just that. Just the profile. And that's just from me doing that five week case study. I haven't even done anything. You can see my last post was May tenth, and the post before that was April twenty eighth. Like, I'm not even on here unless I remember, like, oh, I got a second profile. Let me put something. You know what I mean?

[00:54:34.09] - Nicholas Lal
Got it. So okay. And you're just using the tool just to bring people to your page just by friending them? Or

[00:54:39.90] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. So these two let me see how many people I got. So these twenty three hundred people, I grew between day one to week five or whatever. Like I said, and, really, it was, like, three weeks. Because once I kinda did my soft launch, I was so overwhelmed, you know, with support tickets and making fixes and stuff like that that I forgot to do this method once a day. So I forgot for, like, two weeks. So, literally, I was just doing a member friend and post friend to gain friends on this profile, and they were seeing my banners and my post and clicking on links.

[00:55:15.40] - Nicholas Lal
Wow. That's amazing. So that that two thousand friends, that's a that's this is fresh two thousand friends, or was it account that was already there? Or

[00:55:22.59] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, no. It's, this account let me see. I can show you my very first post. This account was created less than a month and a half ago.

[00:55:33.30] - Nicholas Lal
Oh, wow. So, I mean, ladies and gentlemen, just look how fast

[00:55:37.80] - Rodney Stokes
post was like oh, yeah.

[00:55:41.19] - Nicholas Lal
And did I guess since this is brand new, this list might be more targeted than your normal friends list on your regular profile.

[00:55:47.19] - Rodney Stokes
It it is. Can you hear me? Yeah. Yes. Specifically for social prospect the pro because I siphon from groups that I know, you know, contain people that will buy it. Uh-huh. But so you can see this was my very first post. March twenty seventh, I said new profile.

[00:56:04.59] - Nicholas Lal

[00:56:05.59] - Rodney Stokes
After that, this was my post on April fifth where I only had two hundred friends, and look how many likes I got. At the time, I had two hundred friends. I got eighty seven comments and twelve shares. So like I said, it don't matter about how many friends. It's the quality and the content. If it resonates with that particular group

[00:56:25.59] - Nicholas Lal

[00:56:25.90] - Rodney Stokes
You're good. You wanna get engagement.

[00:56:27.59] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. Because I have another Facebook profile. I might just delete all the friends out and just start building on there from scratch because I think I'll get better engagement on the post too.

[00:56:36.90] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, yeah. A hundred percent. Because, you know, the vast majority and I don't care who you are. Like and I and I make sure I weed through my friends every day on my main profile, but I still have the vast majority of of people on my friends list that are on target because it takes time to filter those people out and you know what I'm saying? So, unless you start from absolutely scratch, you don't really know what the majority of your friends list are interested in or even if they're still in the industry.

[00:57:01.40] - Nicholas Lal
Because, you know, people leave every year. On On

[00:57:02.90] - Rodney Stokes
On On our

[00:57:03.00] - Nicholas Lal
main profiles, a lot of people have friends and family and stuff, and you don't wanna be inviting them to a watch party and this and that. I mean, you just have to think about it that it it doesn't cost anything to start a brand new Facebook account. You're gonna get better engagement. You're gonna have a higher targeted list. You know? I mean, the whole point of this tool is to make your job less anyways. So in the past, it didn't make sense to have another Facebook account because it's double the work. But if your Social Prospector Pro is pretty much managing that new profile, I mean, it's just generating leads every day.

[00:57:31.59] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. And let me let me show you what I'm doing for the members too. Let's see. So I have, exit pop. So it's not really exit pop. It's, they call it something different now. Exit intent.

[00:57:46.09] - Nicholas Lal

[00:57:46.59] - Rodney Stokes
A pop up. So if someone goes to Social Prospector Pro through your link, first of all, they're cookie They're cookie for five years. Okay? So you don't gotta worry about getting credit. Yeah. Now, let me just let this load. After someone looks at all the details, everything that I said in the video, if they decide to leave and they go up here, this pops up. Right? So I just showed you this offer. Yeah. They click here to download the free cheat sheet. Once they click, they go to this capture page. Once they go to this capture page, they opt in. They are, like I said, gonna get, like, four, five videos telling them these different methods. And they'll say, well, look. While these are powerful, it's very time consuming. Why not go right back to Social Prospector Pro and buy something that automates this whole process? So I kinda indoctrinate them. So I I said, okay. Well, you were on the fence, so let me take you through this process where you see, you know, how painful it is to do this without your software. And then let me take you right back to Social Prospector Pro.

[00:58:54.59] - Nicholas Lal
And how long how long is that follow-up?

[00:58:57.19] - Rodney Stokes
How long what?

[00:58:58.00] - Nicholas Lal
How long is it they get all the videos at once, or does it drip?

[00:59:01.30] - Rodney Stokes
No. They they get it all at once in a, in a zip file.

[00:59:04.19] - Nicholas Lal

[00:59:04.90] - Rodney Stokes
So I give them that in an infographic that breaks it down as well. And just you so you can see right here, so so far, I just put this up last week sometime. So so far, I got fifty people that clicked the button. Thirty one of them opted in, so that's sixty two percent opt in rate.

[00:59:23.19] - Nicholas Lal

[00:59:23.80] - Rodney Stokes
Seven of them bought. So I don't know what percentage that is. Is that fourteen percent? Is that accurate?

[00:59:28.50] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. Probably.

[00:59:29.09] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. That's that's fourteen percent. We don't do we don't

[00:59:31.09] - Nicholas Lal
do math. We just build fleet.

[00:59:32.80] - Rodney Stokes
Look. I look at the stats, man. Yeah. So let me see and get yeah. So I'm getting sixty two percent of those people who are were already leaving and were on their way out.

[00:59:41.30] - Nicholas Lal

[00:59:41.59] - Rodney Stokes
Opt in and I take them back to a little educational process, and I say, see, now you understand? Now go back and sign up. And 07:14 percent are signing back up. And you are getting credit because when they first came, they got cookie to you for five years. So you don't ever have to worry about, oh, but when they come back, they're gonna sign up to who's the link. You are credited with that initial visitor. And when they come back, don't matter if it's today or five years from now, you're gonna get that sale credited to you. Alright. See. So that's just a little added thing to add. I feel

[01:00:12.69] - Nicholas Lal
like I'm a kid in a candy store right now. Maybe this is paused. Let's give this man a round of applause. This is a beautiful tool, Rodney. I'm glad we did this because I didn't realize how powerful it was. I mean, I'm I'm sorry it had to take you had to sit down with me for an hour to kinda explain this, but the good thing is we're reaching so many people now because this is this is amazing. I mean, one thing that I would do differently on that that four video package, I would send them to your YouTube channel, build your subscribers there, get some views. Right? Because they're gonna watch the video anyways.

[01:00:43.80] - Rodney Stokes
That's true. That's true. I figured, you know, they're already on the list. You know what I mean? I don't wanna kinda muddy the waters.

[01:00:49.30] - Nicholas Lal
Oh, because that's that's true too. That's true. They're already on

[01:00:51.90] - Rodney Stokes
your list. Thing yeah. Because the one thing I don't like about YouTube or that that method when people send them directly, they can see a suggested video and get lost in the down the rabbit hole.

[01:01:02.09] - Nicholas Lal
You're right. You're right. Yeah.

[01:01:03.59] - Rodney Stokes
It's harder to pull them back. I I

[01:01:04.50] - Nicholas Lal
I I forgot about that. They're already on your list at this point.

[01:01:07.19] - Rodney Stokes
Right. Right. So I wanna kinda keep them laser tunnel vision in there.

[01:01:11.59] - Nicholas Lal
Yeah. Because you're right. On YouTube, it's very easy to get lost. I mean, I do it myself. I I start with, like, an educational video, then I'll have something pop up about wrestling and then Hong Kong. Three hours, like like

[01:01:21.19] - Rodney Stokes
like like a day.

[01:01:22.09] - Nicholas Lal
I like that, man. Reminiscing about when I was ten.

[01:01:24.90] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Yeah. I'm telling you. So, I mean, I'm I'm glad that I refreshed your memory, man. Like I said, this thing, I love it myself. And and the feedback like you give me and any other member, I love it. I'm not one of those people that's that's sensitive about someone critiquing it because, oh, damn. You just had a good idea. Oh, I like that. Let me implement that. Because I'm thinking, how can I win from that as well? Exactly. So I have a section in the back office where let me go back to the back office. Right here on the left side and remember, you gotta blur this out so people can't see the emails. I have a section right here. When they click here, I ask, hey. Look. If you got any suggestions, submit them for review, please. I mean, I'm open to any suggestions. And, once you do, myself and my three developers, we look over it. We kinda get do a little intel, see if it's possible. And then from there, we plan it out, say, okay. Well, when can we start this? Or how can we implement this?

[01:02:19.50] - Nicholas Lal

[01:02:20.09] - Rodney Stokes

[01:02:20.80] - Nicholas Lal
And just be one of the be one of those people that actually uses the tool first. Don't just start making suggestions if you haven't used the tool. Because by using it, you're gonna come up with more ideas. It's actually very beneficial to Rodney if you use the tool and say that, oh, you know what? This was great, but if we could just tweak it a little bit here because it helps the whole community out.

[01:02:39.59] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. That's that's the main thing. Everybody wins.

[01:02:43.09] - Nicholas Lal
Yep. Cool. Well, I don't have any more I mean, you've answered all my questions. I mean, I'm I'm at the point where I'm speechless now, and you know that's hard for me because I like to talk. But, anyways, for everybody out there, like I said, go to nicholas loud dot com forward slash s p p. That will take you to Rodney's landing page. And, of course, it is an affiliate link. So if you get this product, I get credit. That's what we do. We're affiliate marketers. Right? Now if you also want to promote this product because you have a good influence, you have a list of friends, whatever the case may be, and you know people that'll like this, then I'll give you another link. It's nicholas loud dot com, s p p a f f, for affiliate, and I'll put that in the description, wherever you see this video. And then you could sign up to also promote this product too. And, Rodney, do they have to buy the product to pro I mean, they'd be they'd be dumb not to buy it. I hate to say that, but you gotta have this product, but you don't have to buy it to promote it.

[01:03:36.90] - Rodney Stokes
Well, no. You don't. But this is my take on that. Yeah. The first thing someone asks you when you try to recommend something is what were your results? How did you like it? Right. And what did you wanna say if you don't buy it? So one dollar three, you know, three day trial.

[01:03:50.50] - Nicholas Lal
Exactly. And the thing is is that you're gonna get results from this. As a matter of fact, the best way to promote this is to actually have the tool itself. Because like Rodney just showed you on his other profile, he's using this tool to market this product. End the discussion.

[01:04:06.00] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. Zero paid on advertising. And trust me, a lot of a lot of, a lot of customers so far. There's like a hundred and something customers so far that are active.

[01:04:16.30] - Nicholas Lal
And just think about that. You basically took people that were on their way out and brought them back in and they bought the product.

[01:04:22.30] - Rodney Stokes

[01:04:23.09] - Nicholas Lal
Amazing. Alright. Well, Rodney, thank you very much. You are a gentleman and a scholar. You're a brilliant man. You are an asset to not only the list building industry, the software industry, the friend industry. You you got everything you got everything going, man. So I I really appreciate my friendship with you. Like I said, you've been taking care of me for a long time. Like I said, we have a give and take. Rodney always helps me with technical things, and I just give him business. Just like, go see Rodney. Go see Rodney.

[01:04:48.80] - Rodney Stokes
Yes, sir.

[01:04:49.80] - Nicholas Lal
So yeah. And that's the thing. About the whole social media thing, it is a relationship business, and this is a relationship tool.

[01:04:56.80] - Rodney Stokes
It is. Point blank, man. I mean, you can't beat it. If you don't see the power in it, maybe you need to, you know, get some education or something because at the end of the day, I mean, this is like a marketer's dream, and it's free. It's organic traffic. Awesome.

[01:05:10.69] - Nicholas Lal
So any last words, or was that pretty much it?

[01:05:14.00] - Rodney Stokes
That's it. Any questions? Also, one thing I do wanna say is, a lot of times people say, hey. Look. When I bring my team in, am I gonna get, like, adequate support? Right now, I'm I'm doing support as well as one more person, but I'm building out my support team. But I also and you can ask Nick. I love doing training because my philosophy is I wanna see all the support tickets. Like I like I said, I wanna see feedback. Right? I'm not sensitive about but once I do get it, I wanna create training so I never have to get that question again. I wanna go ahead and and and cross all the t's and dot all the i's. So I'm gonna constantly be training your people, training you so you don't have to worry about any support, any training. There's really no learning curve, and this is a simple step by step software. So that's it.

[01:06:00.00] - Nicholas Lal
You you make a great point. You know, when you put put in support tickets, Rodney makes a training video. It goes into the training section. That way, the next time that question comes up, it's easy for him to just send him the video or the article on that problem. That way, it frees up his time to make the product better rather than just doing support all day because it's hard work. Rodney loves doing it because he wants to make his product better. But at the same time, you need to help the community by giving him things to do tutorials on.

[01:06:26.90] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. And then not only can I point people, but you can point your team there as well?

[01:06:31.00] - Nicholas Lal
Yep. Yep. Exactly. Exactly. And when once you become a leader and you know where all this information is, just tell your people to go directly there because the answers are there. So, anyways, thank you again, Rodney, very much. I really appreciate your time. This was very, very educatable. I got so many ideas right now. I've got I've got to go do something now. So but like

[01:06:48.59] - Rodney Stokes
I said,

[01:06:49.50] - Nicholas Lal
this is awesome. So, again, thank you very much. And if you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, reach out to Rodney and stuff. Go ahead and get get your one dollar trial. It's one dollar for three days. If you don't like it, cancel the script subscription. If you do, it's only gonna be a dollar a day, thirty dollars a month. You can't beat it. A tool like this for a dollar a day, they can bring you multiple times more money than that. Rodney just proved it without spending a dime on it. So, anyways, again, Rodney, thank you very much. I appreciate it. Everybody, hope to see you in this group. Take care and goodbye.

[01:07:20.90] - Rodney Stokes
Appreciate it. Take care.