This is an interview I did with my buddy Justin who is at the beginning of his entrepreneurial career. In this video we discuss the ups and downs of business, as well as personal development!

Video Transcription

[00:00:00.90] - Justin Brown
What's going on, Level Up family? Well, I have a very special guest for y'all today. I have my brother Rodney Stokes here. Rodney Stokes from from RSA Services. And today, we're gonna talk about some entrepreneurial type of endeavors. My brother Rodney, I've been knowing him for I don't even know how many years has it been, man. May I wanna say our sons were what? In kindergarten?

[00:00:28.80] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Yeah. First first yeah. First year of school. So

[00:00:31.89] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Matter of fact, now that I think about it, it may have been, I think it was pre k actually because I wanna

[00:00:36.29] - Rodney Stokes
say this

[00:00:36.79] - Justin Brown
stuff. Had pre k and now they're both in the fifth grade. So that's like six years. I guess six years.

[00:00:42.10] - Rodney Stokes
Time flew, man.

[00:00:43.00] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah. Good six years. Yeah. So, man, folks don't know this, man, but you were actually a big, inspiration in helping me get into entrepreneurship, man.

[00:00:53.79] - Rodney Stokes
I appreciate it.

[00:00:54.60] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Definitely. Just, just listening to you all those years ago and listening to your stories and stuff like that. Brother, you always piqued my interest in everything the things that you were telling me that you were going through, or the just the creativeness, the the creativity that you were building your brand with, man. It just sparked that same type of interest in me, man, and, definitely appreciate you for that, bro.

[00:01:21.50] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, man. Look. It it it's a pleasure, man. But the the crazy thing is, you know, we kinda bounce back and forth off of each other. You know what I mean? Like like, just certain things that I didn't know that you was on at the same time. Right. You know what I mean? As far as, you know, the spiritual stuff, the the quantum physics stuff, the law of attraction, even the affirmations with our sons every morning.

[00:01:42.59] - Justin Brown
Bro, that's crazy. That was

[00:01:44.70] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Definitely. I mean, it's it's you know, the feeling is mutual, man.

[00:01:47.79] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Absolutely. So let's do this, man. Tell us about your, your current business that you're running right now, and, tell us what's what's that about.

[00:01:58.59] - Rodney Stokes
Okay. So, currently, I have two companies. So I dissolved, my last company last year to kinda start fresh, but, I've been providing email traffic since two thousand thirteen. So I've been online, as a marketer, as an Internet marketer since two thousand eleven. And so I have a, I can give you the quick story behind that if you want, how I got started with that. Yeah. Let's go for it. Okay. So pretty much I was I'm not sure if, your listeners remember or if they're, like, basketball fans, but two thousand eleven was the year of the lockout, the NBA lockout. And so what happened was, you know, I was hustling, trying to, you know, make some money, trying to go overseas. I had a couple of connects. A big team out here was called DC Assault. So I had a couple of connects with DC Assault. I had a guy who worked with, OKC and a couple of other people. And so, basically, my whole goal was to try to, go overseas for a little bit, make a little highlight tape, chop it up, and send it out to different teams. But what happened was the lockout happened, and all of the NBA dudes was going overseas, taking the overseas spots. And then people who was just trying to, you know, get their foot in the door had no shot.

[00:03:08.59] - Justin Brown

[00:03:08.90] - Rodney Stokes
And so I kinda, like, backed myself into a a wall in a sense because I had signed a a three year contract with a agent. And, in in Las Vegas, I went to a showcase in New York. I got some interest in that, made the all star team, all that. Right after that, I went to Vegas, and I finally chose the agent that I liked. And then literally that next week, I heard everything about the lockout. Called him up, got no answer. Every week, I called him, got no answer. So I was stuck with a contract for three years. And the way that overseas works that a lot of people don't know, literally, they can call you in the middle of the night and say, hey, Rodney. Pack your bags. We want you in Italy in two days. So, I mean, you literally have to jump up and be ready at any time. So you can't have a real job. You can't be locked into a real job. And at the time, I think my son was, like, two at the time. And, so I, you know, I had to figure out how to make money and all of that stuff. So my idea was, let me figure out how I can make a lot of money, but I don't have to be tied in, and I can move anywhere I want to. I don't you know, I'm not pinned down to a certain location. First thing I did was went online, typed in how to make money, started seeing a whole bunch of videos on YouTube and Google. I came across this one dude, black guy. Right? Young dude. It was a it was a website called ClickBank. They're still around. Big website. Mhmm. He was flashing a check, six thousand dollar check. Young black guy drove up to the bank in a nice car, was saying, man, I get these weekly. You know, so on and so forth. I was so hungry. I paused the video. I tried to zoom in to see his address on the check. I was gonna write him something and send it to him in the mail. Like, dude, humbly, I just want you to teach me something. Like, that's how hungry I was. You know what I'm saying? Like, I tried everything. I would say, like, within sixty days, I made my first, like, two hundred dollars. Oh, wow. From there, it was, like, five hundred dollars a month, and then it went to, like, a thousand a month. Yeah. And so things didn't pick up with the basketball, so I just stayed with that. And that was, what, two thousand eleven, going into two thousand twelve. Went out and got my own place, with my girlfriend at the time, who's my wife now, my son, and, you know, I just kept building from there. So like I said, since then, I've been marketing. In two thousand thirteen, I figured out, my my lane was to provide email traffic for people. And so I've been providing providing email traffic since then, and, also, I just created another company called AdRev Global where I'm having, a variety of softwares that I'm putting out where people can generate leads and traffic for free using social media. So I got two softwares right now that's gonna help people do that on Facebook. I'm probably about two weeks away from launching that. Wow. So, that's pretty much in a nutshell how I got started with that.

[00:05:55.89] - Justin Brown
That's what's up, man. Congratulations on that software that software company, by the way. That's a big deal right there, bro.

[00:06:02.39] - Rodney Stokes
Appreciate that, man.

[00:06:03.60] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah. You know, what I like about what you said is that, you know, you had to make a decision at some point because of the responsibility that you were that you were being given at such a young age. You know? Sure. When you googled, how do I make money or or what what it was that you googled. I think the awesome thing about that is the fact that you knew that you can use information to better yourself.

[00:06:31.19] - Rodney Stokes
Absolutely. You You

[00:06:32.00] - Justin Brown
You You know?

[00:06:32.80] - Rodney Stokes
See, not to cut you off, but my my thing was this. And I and I learned this too over the years. See, a lot of people over, like, with, like, a athletic background or any type of competitive background, they usually they typically go for the entrepreneurship. And, you know, I also learned too, and I'll tell you, story, later in the interview how I learned this. I also learned that a lot of entrepreneurs went through a lot of painful backgrounds. You know, they went through a lot. Yeah.

[00:06:59.00] - Justin Brown
I can understand that.

[00:07:00.50] - Rodney Stokes
Alright. You know, they went through rejection.

[00:07:02.60] - Justin Brown
Surprising now. Yeah.

[00:07:03.69] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. So, you know, they went out of prison.

[00:07:05.60] - Justin Brown
So feel like I I'm sorry, bro. I didn't mean to interrupt you, but I almost feel like you have to. Like, that's like your that's like your badge of honor. You know?

[00:07:13.00] - Rodney Stokes
You do. Because you

[00:07:14.39] - Justin Brown
Yeah. I don't think that I don't think you're a real entrepreneur unless you deal with that stuff, honestly.

[00:07:20.19] - Rodney Stokes
You gotta you gotta be battle tested, man. Yeah. Because you you you know, you gotta feel uncomfortable. You have to have a level of, discomfort, man, to make you wanna propel yourself in another direction.

[00:07:30.39] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah. I agree. I agree. I think, I think it's awesome too is that when you start off in your entrepreneurial journey you might start with one project. Okay? But five years, ten years from when you started, you might end up in a totally different niche than when you first came on board. You You

[00:07:51.89] - Rodney Stokes
You You know? Right.

[00:07:53.00] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah.

[00:07:53.69] - Rodney Stokes
That's the

[00:07:54.10] - Justin Brown
beauty of it is that, you know, you might come in creating something initially, but as you go through different changes in your life, your interest changes. Absolutely. That means that whatever you're gonna produce, that that's gonna change as well.

[00:08:08.69] - Rodney Stokes

[00:08:09.60] - Justin Brown

[00:08:10.10] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. I mean, because, I mean, I called it dialing getting dialed in because, you know, a lot of most people, they do things for, like, shallow reasons at first. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, even, like, playing ball. You know, back in the day, everybody you know, I'm a go to the NBA. You know? I'm I'm gonna have the women. I'm gonna have the money. Yeah. You know? And and you see a lot of people even, you know, people actually do make it to the NBA. Yeah. Their first year or two. Like, look at, look at Carmelo Anthony. Right. You know, his first year, he was, you know, straight Right. From Baltimore. You know, had the braids and all of that stuff.

[00:08:40.89] - Justin Brown
Too. Yep.

[00:08:41.79] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. And then if you look at how he transitioned, even though a lot of people would say he still didn't grow up in a a few areas, but if you look at how he transitioned, he got into activism, you know, and he was, you know, helping a lot of people. He had, positive messages for the community. So, like like, with myself, with Internet marketing, and I think just business in general, most people get in because they wanna make money. And then when you start to see feedback, when you start to see results and you actually help people Mhmm. And someone is, like, making testimonies, for you, saying how you change their life, you help feed their kids and stuff like that, it kinda switches gears inside of you. You know? And you say, well, I wanna make an impact. Yeah. You know, I I don't care if I sacrifice, you know, a couple thousand by going in this direction because I'm looking for the long term, you know, the impact that I can actually make a difference with. You know what

[00:09:29.29] - Justin Brown
I mean? Yeah. Yeah. You get you get you get focused on providing value,

[00:09:35.50] - Rodney Stokes
you know, more

[00:09:36.89] - Justin Brown
so than more so than making a dollar. You know? What is the contribution that I'm making to people and how am I making a difference in their lives?

[00:09:45.20] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Because most most people had that mentality to make a quick buck. It don't work like that. No bit no real business works like that.

[00:09:52.39] - Justin Brown
Yeah. I agree. I agree. And that even takes me back to a comment you said when you first started making money. I think you said, at first, it was, like, fifty dollars and a hundred, but it it kept growing from there.

[00:10:06.10] - Rodney Stokes

[00:10:06.70] - Justin Brown
But one thing that people need to understand is that when you take on this this, entrepreneurial journey, money is gonna come and money is gonna go. And it's gonna be sometimes when you're not making money like you were before.

[00:10:20.50] - Rodney Stokes

[00:10:21.10] - Justin Brown
And then sometimes, you know, it might take you up to a year before you make your first money. Absolutely. You make your first dollar. You know? Yeah. So it's, it's not as it's not as straightforward as the job or as the tip the traditional nine to five job where you know that you're guaranteed a paycheck after two weeks. Exactly. Exactly. With entrepreneurship, you don't know especially starting up, you don't know that you're gonna be guaranteed you're you're not guaranteed anything. You gotta put that work in, and you gotta figure out, you know, what am I this system that I'm building, is it working? Is it not working? And the amount of money that you're making, that's gonna let you know if it's working or not. Okay? So for instance, if you built a system and you put it out there and nobody's buying into it, it's gonna take time for you to bring the system back, rework it, figure out what's working and what's not, try it again. Okay. It might work a little better this time, but it's not it's still not giving me the dollar amount that I'm looking for. So what am I gonna do now? Gonna bring it back, test it again, see what works. Bottom line, it takes time.

[00:11:37.00] - Rodney Stokes
It does. It's it's it's course correction, man.

[00:11:39.39] - Justin Brown
It is. It is.

[00:11:40.50] - Rodney Stokes
That's what it always I think it's Winston Churchill that said, enthusiasm. What was it? He said, basically, an entrepreneur has the ability to move from failure to failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

[00:11:54.79] - Justin Brown

[00:11:55.10] - Rodney Stokes
And, Jim Rohn, you know, big network marketing, advocate and, you know, just a personal development guy overall. He said, basically, success is a collection of good results. Mhmm. It's just small results. And, also, he said, you know, you gotta learn to discipline your disappointments. Right. So you can't let it affect you too much. And I I'm a tell you a story, a quick story. This time last year, right, and before we got on, I told you my grandmother passed away. Right. And, it's almost been a year, April last year. And the month before that, I had the best month that I had online, period. I made thirty three grand. Right?

[00:12:34.60] - Justin Brown
That's what's

[00:12:35.00] - Rodney Stokes
I didn't keep thirty three grand. I made twenty three thousand profit. Right. But that's that's a lot of money.

[00:12:40.29] - Justin Brown
Heck yeah.

[00:12:40.89] - Rodney Stokes
But guess what? That very next month, exactly what I was doing and made me that money stopped working. So that next month, I made, like, four thousand. And let not not just that. You know, my grandmother passed away. I was dealing with so much different all all these different things at once.

[00:12:57.39] - Justin Brown

[00:12:57.70] - Rodney Stokes
But, you know, I had different practices that kinda help balance me with the meditation and, binaural beats and going for walks and exercises. But years ago, you know, that would've killed me. Yeah. You know? But luckily, I knew, you know, I had a couple of things I can go to, but, you know, that's the danger that I see a lot of people, fall into is where, you know, they wrap up their emotions and their self worth and, you know, the results that they're getting. You know? Oh, this has to work or, you know, I'm I'm gonna feel like crap. It can't be like that. You gotta be a scientist. You gotta be impartial to whatever result comes out. You just wanna test and tweak, fine tune, and it's all about course correction.

[00:13:35.70] - Justin Brown
Right. Right.

[00:13:36.70] - Rodney Stokes
Otherwise, you're gonna be off balance.

[00:13:38.70] - Justin Brown
Absolutely. I agree. And one thing I learned is that you gotta put an attention out there of what you want, but then you have to you have to become detached from how you're gonna get it.

[00:13:52.50] - Rodney Stokes

[00:13:53.20] - Justin Brown
You know? And I think with us, when whenever we put out something that we really want, we zone in on how we're gonna get it. Mhmm. So if plan if my plan let's say plan a doesn't work, I'm I'm putting everything, all of my hope in plan a. Plan a is going to work. And if it doesn't, then I don't know. I don't know what's gonna happen.

[00:14:15.79] - Rodney Stokes

[00:14:16.10] - Justin Brown
Guess what? Plan a is not gonna work.

[00:14:18.79] - Rodney Stokes

[00:14:19.10] - Justin Brown
Okay? And you're limiting yourself to that one that one plan. But when you detach from plan a, when you detach from anything, when I say from anything, I mean, from how it's gonna how you're gonna get your intended result Mhmm. Then I think that I think it frees you up then to It does. Be that scientist and to and to use your mind in a way where you can now troubleshoot whatever that issue is. You're you're not so fixed to this one plan that you're okay. You're like, okay. This didn't work. So now let me try this.

[00:14:58.29] - Rodney Stokes
Right. And I I'm a tell you, man, because I've been through that. I mean, I've been through ups and the downs and, like, one of my first mottos when I first got started with business I mean, keep in mind, I've always, like, been an entrepreneur type of person since I was a kid. So, like, me and my sister, we used to fix, kids' bikes in the neighborhood. We met this dude up the street, and he he was like, man, I noticed, you know, you got friends and, you know, you always got different bikes and stuff. I got a whole bunch of bikes in the backyard because he used to get stuff from police auctions. Yeah. You know, stuff that was seized and stuff like that. So he used to have, like, fifteen, twenty bikes at a time. That was my first time, like, basically, being a salesperson and getting commission. Every kid that I send up the street to him, he will give me a cut. Mhmm. You know, we used to shovel snow. We used to do a whole bunch of stuff. Right? Yeah. But even when I was in college, I used to sell, you know, CDs, DVDs. It's not the best thing to do, but, you know, trying to make

[00:15:49.39] - Justin Brown
some money. You gotta do what you gotta do. It's college, man. You know?

[00:15:52.20] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. We broke college students. I'm cutting people's head. Five dollars head, ten dollars there. So Hey. Look, man. We had people

[00:15:58.39] - Justin Brown
in school selling things that, you know, wasn't really they weren't they really weren't supposed to be selling

[00:16:04.29] - Rodney Stokes
stuff. It definitely could have been worse. You know what what

[00:16:06.00] - Justin Brown
what what I'm saying? Could have been a lot worse. So it's all good, brother.

[00:16:08.70] - Rodney Stokes
Right. So look. I I I basically didn't know. I thought I was a businessman the whole time. Right? I didn't know I was a hustler. Uh-huh. So it's a big difference between being a actual business person Mhmm. Who knows the principles, who knows, you know, the different rules, who understands business and business models versus being a hustler, a person that just knows how to scheme and come up with a quick dollar. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? So Yeah. I had to transition. Transition. Yeah. And one of my models, coming out of college, I had just saw, saw the documentary, Spike Lee did on Kobe called Kobe Doing Work. I watched that, and then I it was a documentary around the same time on Lil Wayne. And Lil Wayne was going around, and, I remember he was in the hotel room. I mean, literally, he would record anywhere that he had a thought come to his mind. Mhmm. He pulled out his little, microphone. He built the studio on the spot in his hotel room Mhmm. And started rapping. And it just hit me. I'm sitting in the bed, and I'm watching in my dorm room. And I said, damn. I get it. And I was like, man, them dudes are obsessed. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Like, really, that's what separated him from everybody. I remember looking at Kobe. And me personally in college, I played ball, so I know I'm on the bench. And so hold on one

[00:17:21.09] - Justin Brown
second, bro. Now I I'm glad you said that because I actually want to segue to that for a minute. Okay? Because because I I want people to understand, like, don't just don't undersell yourself now. Okay? Now I know I know you played ball. Like, of course, we didn't know. Just just for my listeners, let's get something to stir. I'm six foot three, So I'm a tall person anyway. But my man Rodney over here, he's what? Six six eight, six nine? Six nine?

[00:17:45.20] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Six nine. You can say that.

[00:17:46.40] - Justin Brown
Six nine. Look. You you work there, bro. So Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Not not only was he a basketball, but you actually played against people like Kevin Durant Yeah. Blake Griffin in college and such like that. So you were putting in work, bro.

[00:17:59.50] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, no. That definitely did, man. Basketball took me places. I mean, I often say that it saved me, for real, man, because I didn't care about a lot of stuff when I was a kid. But

[00:18:08.00] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah. I I

[00:18:08.59] - Rodney Stokes
I I grew out of it luckily. But now basketball, it it definitely put me on a platform to where I can, you know, go further. And, even, like, I'm a I'm a go into this because I know your audience is into the law of attraction and stuff like that. Right. Right. Before we went to the NCAA tournament the first time when I played Blake Griffin Mhmm. My coach pulled us in a room, and he said, look, man. I don't want y'all goofing off. Nothing. I'm a put a movie on. It's kinda different. I want y'all to pay attention. And the movie was a secret. So I'm looking

[00:18:40.59] - Justin Brown
at Classic. Yep.

[00:18:41.79] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. I'm like, who's this white dude talking

[00:18:43.40] - Justin Brown
about that? I think that's pretty dope that your, coach actually put that in front of y'all, though. That's life changing.

[00:18:48.29] - Rodney Stokes
It it is. But guess what?

[00:18:49.90] - Justin Brown

[00:18:50.40] - Rodney Stokes
Guess what? I was one of the only ones that paid attention in there. Right? And not only that, I told you I was selling DVDs back then. So I went back to my room. I knew how to download, you know, movies and torrents and stuff like that. I downloaded that thing. I burnt it. I started to really, really, really, really, like, play it over and over. Yeah. Adjust it. Right? Adjust it. Yeah. And then I started looking up every single individual person who spoke in that video. Uh-huh. I looked up Jack Canfield, Bob Brock Bob Proctor.

[00:19:18.90] - Justin Brown

[00:19:19.79] - Rodney Stokes
John Assaraf. Yeah. All them dudes. Right? And that's really what started to change my mind because I I pretty much, man, like I said, I went through a point, man, where where I didn't care about a lot of stuff.

[00:19:30.20] - Justin Brown
Oh, man.

[00:19:30.50] - Rodney Stokes
You know, it was like all enough, and I'm a I'm a try to make it to the league. If not, then, you know, I was I was thinking a whole different direction. You get what I'm saying? So that that created a shift. But, but yeah. So so back to what I saw with Kobe. Right? Mhmm. So, like I said, I played ball. So and I know whenever I was on the bench, we was goofing off. We're looking in the crowd. We're seeing where our family are. We're seeing where the girls at. And I'm looking at COVID. Of course. Yeah. And this dude is is focused, look looking at the game, still pointing things out to the people on the bench, telling them this to to knock it off. And I'm like, that dude is obsessed. So my first year was obsession equals focus. Obsession equals focus.

[00:20:07.40] - Justin Brown
I like that. Yeah.

[00:20:08.50] - Rodney Stokes
So, man, I went I went so hard, but I'm a tell you I hit a brick wall. My my third or fourth year, I put myself in the hospital. And and I'm a tell tell you how. I was taking supplements. I was exercising hard every day. I was taking, like, metabolism pills. I was taking protein shakes lifting. I was drinking alcohol. I was stressing myself out. Next thing I know, man, I woke up. This might be too much information. Went to the bathroom. It it came out brown. I looked it up. They say that's blood. You need to take yourself to the emergency room. I was in the hospital for five days. You know what I'm saying? Just hit a brick wall, and that kinda shifted things too. So I went through a lot of milestones to where like I said, I peaked. I went through ups, and I went through downs.

[00:20:52.90] - Justin Brown
Right. Right.

[00:20:53.29] - Rodney Stokes
You know what I mean? But that's entrepreneurship.

[00:20:55.50] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah. And and thanks for sharing that as well, bro. I appreciate that. And I and I know that story, but thank you for for sharing that with the audience. One thing I learned, man, is that you you gotta be, like, holistically balanced, you know, in order to be successful.

[00:21:12.50] - Rodney Stokes
You do.

[00:21:13.00] - Justin Brown
And and I've went through I I've went through my share of being out of balance for a while because it seemed like it it seemed like, okay. One minute, I'll maybe focus on, like, the spiritual aspect of things where I'm, like, happy in the meditation, but then I'm not so heavy into, like, working out or exercising or something like that. Right. Or I might get into, like, med into exercise, but then I might slack on, like, my meditation or, like, my reading or something like that. So, like, I always found that it was difficult, at least for me, to merge all three of those together so that I'm taking care of myself physically. I'm taking care of myself spiritually. I'm taking care of myself emotionally. And now that, now that I have all of those in balance, there's a sense of alignment there.

[00:22:00.90] - Rodney Stokes

[00:22:01.59] - Justin Brown
And with that alignment, it helps it's like, it's like a coherence that I have where I'm able to think clearly.

[00:22:10.59] - Rodney Stokes
Stuff is clicking.

[00:22:11.50] - Justin Brown
Stuff is clicking. You're in your flow. You're in your zone.

[00:22:14.59] - Rodney Stokes

[00:22:15.00] - Justin Brown
You're getting those ideas more more easily. Bro, it seems like you get inspiration, like, just out of the yin yang. Like, you can see something. You could be driving and you see a freaking billboard or something like that, and all of a sudden, boom, I got this idea that I have to put down. You know? And you wanna hurry and put it down so you don't forget it.

[00:22:36.00] - Rodney Stokes
Right. Right.

[00:22:37.20] - Justin Brown
But it just seems you're just you're just getting all of this information, and this information is lining you up to meet your intended target, you know, your intended goal of which you're working towards. And like we said before, you had to become you have to become detached from how you're going to reach that that goal. But I find that when you become into alignment with yourself and you become detached from the how, that things just come together.

[00:23:09.70] - Rodney Stokes
It does.

[00:23:10.50] - Justin Brown
It just comes together naturally. And before you know it, you're just you're there.

[00:23:16.59] - Rodney Stokes
It does. And I'm I'm a tell you, man, I I agree one hundred percent. And and you know that I stopped drinking, a year and a half ago or something like that. And the first thing that I immediately looked within, like, the first thirty days that I noticed was I was thinking so much clearer. Mhmm. I was thinking so much clearer. I was just more creative. And then I also started noticing, like, a lot of things that I overlooked, like, a lot of mistakes, things that I was paying for that I forgot about. Yeah. You know, like, expenses, you know, just just stupid stuff that I was doing because I wasn't sharp. I wasn't in my right mind. Yeah. You know what I mean? So and and that that makes me think of, I believe it was Albert Einstein that said it. Fear suppresses the genius. And so, like, fear is a state of low vibration. Right?

[00:24:06.50] - Justin Brown

[00:24:06.59] - Rodney Stokes
So they they say you're either in love or you're in fear. So you're either in a high vibration or you're either in a low vibration. So you have to go back to the reasons you're doing these things, like the reason I was drinking. You know what I mean? It goes back to, like, you know, childhood, teenage years, and going through stuff trying to self medicate. So I had to once I got myself out of that vibration of fear, it opened things up for creativity. Mhmm. You know what I mean? Because otherwise, I was suppress suppressing it. Bro, folks don't understand

[00:24:38.40] - Justin Brown
how hard shadow work is, man. Mhmm. Like, when you gotta deal with your shadow and you gotta deal with you gotta deal with all the shit within you. You know? And and then not only that, but it comes to the surface and you really gotta deal with it.

[00:24:53.50] - Rodney Stokes
And you gotta deal with it.

[00:24:54.50] - Justin Brown
You have to deal with it, man. That's that's the most hardest thing that you'll ever have to deal with, but it happens for a reason. Okay? But it's like when you when you deal with it and when you start to let go of those things that no longer serve you, those old mentalities, those old perceptions, those old way of doing things or looking at things, that's when, like, that's what you say. It creates that space for creativity.

[00:25:25.20] - Rodney Stokes

[00:25:25.90] - Justin Brown
And me, personally, I think that we were created to be creators.

[00:25:31.00] - Rodney Stokes
You know? We're we're we're cocreators.

[00:25:33.50] - Justin Brown
We're created to create. You know? So so I feel that, like, the purpose of chaos, it it stirs up things in your life to to base your identity on something new. You know? It base it it basically shatters. It shatters your world and all the things that you used to base your identity on, and you now have to establish an entirely different identity. But by doing that, it's the most liberating process at the exact same time. It is. You know? Because you feel like you're coming you're coming to yourself. You're you're getting to know this person that you you didn't know. You know what I'm saying? Like, you like, who is this person that I've never known before but I'm just now seeing? You know?

[00:26:21.79] - Rodney Stokes
You know, you you you gotta allow yourself to kinda let that happen. You know what I mean? Because a lot of times, you get you get attached to ego, and and all ego is is that self identity.

[00:26:32.50] - Justin Brown

[00:26:32.79] - Rodney Stokes
You know what I mean? It's like, oh, now you know? Like, the one thing, you know, that I find is funny, you know, people say, you know, black people, we like you know, we don't do that. Black people, we do this. So, like, oh, that's for it's like not

[00:26:44.29] - Justin Brown
like stereotypes.

[00:26:45.50] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. And that's what we do to ourself. You know? That's what ego is. Like, no. I don't do that. You know? I I once you suspend, you suspend that, that limitation and you move out of that ego because, like you said, you know, that shadow dealing with all of those things that you've been suppressing, when it start to come to the forefront, you really start to see who you really are.

[00:27:07.09] - Justin Brown

[00:27:07.40] - Rodney Stokes
Because either you can try to run from it, suppress it, suppress it, self medicate it again, or you deal with it. Right. You know what I mean? Right. Because it's it's a reason. And if you want to, we can go into the subconscious mind, man.

[00:27:19.40] - Justin Brown
Oh, let's go. Hey, bro. Look. You already and, look, we we do this. We talk about this thing, man. So like I told you before, we we're we're talking about entrepreneurship, but we're also we're also throwing a conscious, conscious spin on it as well, bro. So we're all for

[00:27:35.00] - Rodney Stokes
For sure.

[00:27:35.70] - Justin Brown
So let's go. Yeah.

[00:27:36.90] - Rodney Stokes
And, I mean, in entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is really, like, the best personal development course that you can go through, honestly. Because just like I said, basketball saved my life. Entrepreneurship saved my life as well. Wow. Because I was, you know, when you try to reach a result or when you try to, when you try to level up, you know what I'm saying, when you try to better yourself. Right? Yeah. You have to you can't get there being the same person. Otherwise, you would already have the results. You have to change yourself. And when you have to change yourself, you gotta look at yourself and see what you're doing. Mhmm. And that's all mindfulness is. You know, you you're looking at exactly what you're doing to get the results because we live in a universe that's cause and effect. Right. That is the primary law law of the universe. Cause and effect, what you sow is what you reap. So a lot of people run around crying, woe is me. I feel sorry for myself. My life sucks. They're looking at what they reap. You're not looking at why. You're not looking at what you've been sowing this whole time. And that's okay. Like, it's no blame because maybe you didn't know. Maybe your parents taught you this way or maybe you you grew up on the streets and you, you know, you you saw that that's how things operated. Or maybe, you know, you learned it from TV. We don't know any better. But once you do, that's just like they say, if you knew better, you would do better. Do better. It's your responsibility. Once you get this information in your hands that, you are a creator, you can change your life, it's your responsibility to dig into that stuff. Because I'm a I'm a tell you, the subconscious mind operates and controls ninety five percent of everything that we do. Whenever you're on autopilot and you're doing your thing, you're in flow, or, like, when you're playing ball, people say you're in the zone. You didn't have to think about it. Your body just did it. You know what I'm saying? That's how we do all the time. It's just that, you know, we notice it when we do something, with people clapping for it. You know what I mean?

[00:29:26.50] - Justin Brown

[00:29:26.70] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. Ninety five percent of the time, whether you get the good results or the bad results. Right. I think it was Earl Nightingale. He said everyone is self made, but only the successful will admit it.

[00:29:37.90] - Justin Brown

[00:29:38.29] - Rodney Stokes
That's deep.

[00:29:39.00] - Justin Brown
That is deep.

[00:29:40.00] - Rodney Stokes
Because people who are getting the bad results don't wanna admit that they play a part in that. Mhmm. Yeah. You self made too when you're poor. Right? Maybe, you were left with nothing. Maybe you had no family, and that's not your fault. But we live in an age where you can look up anything. A lot of I mean, my sister went back to college. Right? She's a graphic designer. She she has her own business and everything now, but, you know, she was kinda trying to find her way, and she went back to college twice. And I asked her the second time, I said, man, a lot of that stuff on YouTube ain't it. She said, oh my god. She said, I'll be getting tired of that. She said, my, majority of the stuff that they tell us to look up is on YouTube. They give us a link. I said, and that's crazy. And they took your check. They got their money and told you to go to somebody else's channel That's what I mean. To look this stuff up. You know what I mean? It's no excuse. I mean, we live in the information age. You literally can change your life overnight.

[00:30:31.70] - Justin Brown
Just like that. Just like that. Yeah. I wanna go back to something, to talk about that whole victim mentality thing too. Because I I think what you I think you hit on something very important. And at some point, I think we all fall into that victim mentality. Oh, yeah. You know? And it's easy to get like that when things are self destructing around you, where you get into that whole, what was me?

[00:30:56.29] - Rodney Stokes

[00:30:57.20] - Justin Brown
But one of the most powerful things when I found myself in that position, one of the most powerful things that I did was I had to step back. And I had to I had to assume the position is observing.

[00:31:09.90] - Rodney Stokes

[00:31:10.40] - Justin Brown
Just observing my situation. But it's a different type of observation. I'm not just observing what's going on externally, but I'm observing what's going on internally, within within my mind, within, like, within my perception, within the story that I'm telling myself, that is causing me to look at my situation through that lens. Because what people don't understand is that what you observe is what you're going to experience. Absolutely. And that right there is what creates your reality.

[00:31:51.79] - Rodney Stokes
So That's perception.

[00:31:53.00] - Justin Brown
That it's all all is mind. Yep. It's all perception. So in order for me to shift from the victim mentality, I had to shift to that creative mentality, meaning that I'm creating my reality now by being conscious of what I'm observing.

[00:32:14.29] - Rodney Stokes
There you go. I mean, that's how you change. That's That's

[00:32:16.29] - Justin Brown
how you change.

[00:32:16.90] - Rodney Stokes
What makes you a cocreator. Yeah. Because you're already creating, but when you take control of it, you can manifest anything. All all manifest means is to reveal. Right. And we're we're manifesting stuff every single day. But like I said, when it's good results, we wanna admit, oh, yeah. Y'all was a result. That. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, yeah. I've I've been working and all that. So yeah. You know what I mean? I got the result.

[00:32:38.00] - Justin Brown
Love. But she quit to place that blade once somebody once once you mess up, though, though.

[00:32:42.79] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. It it's a way

[00:32:44.09] - Justin Brown
to meet up with on them.

[00:32:45.90] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. So the the thing that I learned, man, like I said, the subconscious mind operates ninety five percent of the time. Mhmm. And so that's the automated emotional mind. And we can change that too. Yeah. We

[00:32:59.09] - Justin Brown
can change we can we can tap into that subconscious mind and change that.

[00:33:02.59] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. And the most the the best way that I found to change it and and manifest what I want is you have to okay. So I'm I'm a tell you by Proctor. Let me go back to law of attraction.

[00:33:13.40] - Justin Brown
Alright. Let's go.

[00:33:14.09] - Rodney Stokes
By Proctor. That's my that's my man. Right? Absolutely. So my son, Jace, his his middle name is, his middle name is Peyton. And so before he was born, I have a junior, Rodney Stokes junior. Yeah. My wife wanted to have, basically, a sum with her initials. Her name is Jeshel Patrice Stokes. So she was like, let's come up with a p. And I said, Proctor. She like, Proctor? What what you what you mean? What for? She like, who you know that's Proctor? I said, Bob Proctor. I used to call my white father. I said, that's my white father. You know what I mean?

[00:33:46.79] - Justin Brown
Yeah. I'm

[00:33:47.09] - Rodney Stokes
like, that that man put me on. He changed my mind. It didn't go that route.

[00:33:50.40] - Justin Brown
People's minds, man. A lot of people.

[00:33:52.50] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. Yeah. But that's just telling you, like, how deep into it I was and how grateful I was. I looked I looked up everything that man put out. The one thing that I like that he says is he talks about paradigms, and just like we were just talking about perception. And and the way he defines it is paradigms is a multitude of habits. And so everything we do is either to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. Right. So if you think about any any anything we do that's, you know, within our nature, nature just means natural. Right? Anything that comes naturally, you know, that's second nature to you is because at some point that's why when you go to a shrink, they take you all the way back to your childhood. Wow. At some point, you learn that you gain pleasure by doing that habit Mhmm. Or you avoided some type of pain. Yeah. Yeah. So whatever you wanna change, you have to think, when did I start doing that? Why did I start doing that? Mhmm. And what can I put in place of that? Once you figure out what you can put in place of it, then you have to go into habit creation. Right. And the way you create a habit, they say twenty one days. They say it takes twenty one days to create a habit, but they say, a lot of times it takes up to sixty six days. So what I do is I go for sixty six. You get what I'm saying?

[00:35:06.19] - Justin Brown

[00:35:06.50] - Rodney Stokes
So if it's a new habit reinforce

[00:35:07.80] - Justin Brown
it some, give it more time and reinforce it.

[00:35:10.19] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. It can't hurt.

[00:35:11.09] - Justin Brown
Sense. Right.

[00:35:11.90] - Rodney Stokes
So what you what I my thing is when I'm creating a new habit and I create I try to create a new habit every quarter. Right? So every, three or four months, I create a a brand new one, and I go for twenty one days straight of giving myself a reward.

[00:35:24.69] - Justin Brown

[00:35:25.00] - Rodney Stokes
And so the reward comes in a form of either dark chocolate, it has to be real dark chocolate because it releases dopamine, or, I get myself a smoothie. Like, any fruit or anything that releases dopamine Right. It triggers it locks in that action with that emotion. Because any you gotta think about it. Anytime you you do something good.

[00:35:46.50] - Justin Brown
It's the feel good chemical. Right. The pleasure chemical. Yeah.

[00:35:50.19] - Rodney Stokes
Right. Everything is association. So whenever you think of a person, a place, or a thing, your brain scans past it and says, how do we feel about it? How do we feel it? That's why they say people don't remember what you say. They remember how you made them feel.

[00:36:02.00] - Justin Brown
How you made them feel.

[00:36:02.90] - Rodney Stokes
Right. Right. So you have to lock in that thing. But that person plays a thing with a, a positive, association. Mhmm. And the way you can hack that is dark chocolate. All of these different things that release dopamine. Anyone who's listening, you can look it up. Dark chocolate. So I do that for twenty one days.

[00:36:18.80] - Justin Brown
Uh-huh. Right?

[00:36:19.30] - Rodney Stokes
And then after that, typically, I don't need to do that because I'm already on the road. I go for sixty six. But every day, I mark down, I put a x on my calendar. Mhmm. And that's another, trick I do. It's called don't break the chain. Don't break the chain. I learned that from Seinfeld.

[00:36:34.19] - Justin Brown
Seinfeld. Yep. Same thing, bro.

[00:36:36.19] - Rodney Stokes
Right. So right now, I'm on, I exercise at least a a hour a day. I'm on almost day six hundred. I'm on, like, day five hundred and ninety something. You know what I'm saying? Awesome. Yeah. And guess what? This is the final thing I'm a say on it. Right? Because I said, you know, human nature, we do things because we wanna avoid pain, gain pleasure. Now if somebody do something almost six hundred days in a row, there's no way in the world you wanna stop doing it now. In your mind, you're like, damn, I don't went this far. I cannot part of that change.

[00:37:04.00] - Justin Brown
Yeah. It's a part of you now.

[00:37:05.50] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. So not only conscious. Exactly. Not only did it make it to my subconscious, and it's a habit now, but also I have pain associated with stopping because I do not wanna break that chain.

[00:37:16.09] - Justin Brown
Right. Right.

[00:37:17.09] - Rodney Stokes
You get what I'm saying?

[00:37:17.90] - Justin Brown
I get exactly what you're saying.

[00:37:19.69] - Rodney Stokes
And then I manifest whatever I want on the other end of that.

[00:37:22.50] - Justin Brown

[00:37:23.09] - Rodney Stokes
It's cause and effect.

[00:37:24.19] - Justin Brown
It's cause and effect. Wow. And you're you're that cause that creates the effect, though. That's the beauty of

[00:37:30.00] - Rodney Stokes
it. Absolutely.

[00:37:31.19] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Wow. Well, thanks for sharing that, man.

[00:37:34.00] - Rodney Stokes
Thanks for

[00:37:34.40] - Justin Brown
sharing that. And it's funny because, you as you were sharing your story, you made me think of what I've been recently doing to, to shift my subconscious mind as well, because that's something that I think we all have to do. Right. In order to in order to get to where you're trying to go, we all have to create that new brain chemistry in order to get to where we're going. Absolutely. So one thing that I've been doing, is every day, I've been writing down a list of affirmations. And those affirmations are based on, certain goals that I have for myself. So, one goal that I have for my hey, hey, bro. You still there? I see it looks like our screen may have Okay. It looks like you're screaming. Okay. Cool. So one list of those affirmations were are more so for, like, abundance and, like, money and, health and such like that. And then I got another list of list of, affirmations that are more so for, like, my body, like, working out and such like that. So what I did was I've been doing it every day, and the goal was to do it every day for one month. Mhmm. So I used the exact same concept that you were just talking about was the, Jerry Seinfeld don't break the chain.

[00:38:55.00] - Rodney Stokes

[00:38:55.30] - Justin Brown
And, and for those who don't know what that is, you can look it up. But, basically, what you're doing is you have a calendar. And every day that you're doing your goal, you put a you put a o. You mark a o around that date on the calendar. And as you keep going through your days, you're eventually gonna see a chain. Okay? And the idea is not to break the chain, and the longer it gets, the more you're gonna be motivated to see it grow and get longer. Okay? Don't break the chain. So, anyway, I went through it for thirty days. Okay? So when I got to day thirty, which is which is actually two days ago, two days ago, I got to day thirty. I wanted to I wanted to do an to do an inventory to actually see, okay, since I've been doing this, do I have some actual benchmarks that I can measure to see, okay, what worked and what didn't work?

[00:39:45.69] - Rodney Stokes

[00:39:46.09] - Justin Brown
So I sat back, and I thought about how I was feeling and what I was going through, right before I made the decision to start the affirmations. Okay? Mhmm. So during that time, I was, I was in a lot of frustration just because, one of my business did one of my business, the websites had, crashed. It's the same story I told you about that, one of the guys that one of my contractors that I was working with, I spent bro, I spent hours with this guy, building this sales funnel for me on this website. I have blogs. I have my I have my ebook and all that, the whole nine. The The

[00:40:25.09] - Rodney Stokes
The The whole thing disappeared? The The

[00:40:26.30] - Justin Brown
The The whole well, it so it it you can pretty much say it disappeared. Yeah. Yeah. But what happened is that they let some type of security certificate expire. Oh, my god. Now you can't even access the website or any or anything. So I've been reaching out to this guy. No no call, no email back, no response, no nothing. I reached out to the website customer service. No no get backs. No anything. So, I was at a point that I didn't know what to do. I was frustrated, and I had ran out of ideas. And I was also I was also kinda upset with myself because for a different reason now. Because I told myself I was gonna start exercising, but because I was so busy with this project, I didn't. I think another part of me was planning to start, like, working out more, but I just felt so constricted, that I I just didn't. And I think I was, like, subconsciously feeling guilty about that. Mhmm. So that's that's how I was feeling before before I started. Okay?

[00:41:33.69] - Rodney Stokes

[00:41:34.19] - Justin Brown
So then after the thirty days, I measured, okay, what's changed between then and now. Okay? So right now, I'm glad to say that I am on day number fourteen fourteen of, of exercise and I'm working out. I'm using the exact same, the exact same don't break the chain method. I'm going strong. I've it's from a business standpoint, I've, I started a totally new platform where I'm not only merging my ebook, but I'm merging the blogs. I'm merging the, YouTube the the YouTube videos. I'm merging the, I I told you about another business idea that I had that I'm working on, which was creating a financial it seems like it did work because now all of a sudden, I'm having access to all these ideas. And then not only that, but it seems that I'm actually, I'm actually aligning with, with people that are helping me build a team and put these ideas into into action. Right. So I'm working out now, so I feel good about myself right there. One business plan failed. Well, if you wanna say it failed, but it was an opportunity and I capitalized on it. So now I'm not only building an entirely new platform, but I have, like, two different business ideas that I'm building at the same time to also include on there so I can add more value to my customers. Right. So I highly I highly believe, bro, that had I not been doing that exercise of writing writing those things down, writing down those affirmations, and taking the time to actually look at it and read it to myself,

[00:43:41.00] - Rodney Stokes
I'm a tell you. I mean, and congratulations too, man. That's that's a lot. You really you got your hands full, man. And, you know, like I said, I'm here for you whenever you need help with anything. You already know.

[00:43:51.80] - Justin Brown
You already know.

[00:43:52.50] - Rodney Stokes
But, yeah. Your your brain, man, your brain is like a computer. Right? So I I I tell people, man, you have to monitor your operating system. So if you have, you know, a regular computer, if you have a laptop, you don't wanna be you know, try to do the latest things with a Windows ninety five or Windows ninety eight. But that's what we're running around doing. You know, you have a we got a a a Windows eighty five or Windows eighty eight. You know what I mean? That we're running off. And so like I said, you know, when it shrink, all it shrink does why they call them a shrink is they shrink it down. They take what you think is a big problem, and they shrink it down. Okay. When did that start? Okay. When did you first start thinking that? Okay. And who told you that? They they bring you all the way back, and then you see when that, system was installed in your mind. You get what I'm saying?

[00:44:42.00] - Justin Brown
Program. That

[00:44:42.59] - Rodney Stokes
program. Exactly. That program. And so every day that we're not affirming something, every day that we're not purposely creating a habit for ourself, we're running the old program. And we don't even know because, oh, that's me. I'm just like that. You know, I've always been like this. No. You haven't. Like, this is what I told my sister one time. You know, when you you know how they call it the awkward teen stage? You know, like, you you know, you go to middle school, high school, whatever. You're trying to figure out who you are and how you fit in, what click you're gonna be with. The reason they call it that is because you're figuring out new habits, and it feels uncomfortable. That's why they say, you know, you have to get out of your comfort zone. In order to grow, in order to expand and get more than you have right now, you have to be uncomfortable. Because the reason you're comfortable is because it's a program. And the reason you're not getting the results is because of that program. Mhmm. You have to get out your comfort zone. So, like, I'm thirty one, which you're, like, thirty four?

[00:45:42.19] - Justin Brown
Thirty four. I wish. I had thirty thirty six, bro.

[00:45:44.69] - Rodney Stokes
Thirty six. Okay. Look. Thirty four. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. So, you know, at our age, we're still going through the awkward stage because we're getting out of our comfort zone purposely. We're creating brand new habits, and we're doing it on purpose. And the reason I I say all of this, and I'll bring it back to that, as far as habits, you have to okay. Ninety five percent of your your habits, ninety percent ninety five percent of your life is ran automatically. Now when you think about when you think about it like this, this is what I told my sister. If I stand in front of you well, if you stand in front of me right now and I tell you to look forward and walk three miles an hour speed away from me, and I'm gonna call your phone in an hour, and I'm gonna ask you how far away are you from me, What you gonna say? You're gonna say three miles.

[00:46:35.40] - Justin Brown
Okay. Yeah.

[00:46:36.09] - Rodney Stokes
You you walked at the three you you walked at a rate of three miles an hour. A hour went past. So when I call you, you should be three miles away from me.

[00:46:43.30] - Justin Brown
I should be. Hopefully. Hopefully, I should be. Yeah. That's that's why I had to think. I was like, well, how do I know I'm at?

[00:46:49.69] - Rodney Stokes
But go ahead. I'm just saying. Yeah. Right. If you actually follow the rules, right, you don't get rich.

[00:46:54.00] - Justin Brown
Because I might not follow the rules. So you're not here yet.

[00:46:56.80] - Rodney Stokes
Exactly. So okay. And I'm a get a little bit like quantum physics only. Right? So frequency and vibration is what makes up the universe. So if you look at, what's my man's name? Tesla. Tesla. You wanna understand the mysteries of the the universe and mysteries of the cosmos. You have to think in terms of frequency and vibration. Now frequency is the rate or how frequent, the rate in which something occurs. So in this situation, in this, in this analogy, the rate in which you're walking is three miles an hour. Right? And so vibration vibration is, either, behavior, emotion, or thought. Like, when you say, man, I I I don't get that vibe from that person. Oh, man. I feel that vibe. You're either picking up on how they behave. You can kinda feel how they they're thinking, you know, and and you pick up on them emotionally. Mhmm. Right? So you mix them. That's why I say thought, action, and emotion locked together creates a brand new it's a creation.

[00:47:53.59] - Justin Brown

[00:47:54.09] - Rodney Stokes
It really is. Exactly. Because you're causing an effect to happen.

[00:47:57.00] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah.

[00:47:57.59] - Rodney Stokes
So Yeah. It's the same exact thing. If I get on the treadmill and I put it on three and I go out, it's gonna say I went three miles. Now what's the difference between you reverse engineering a successful person? And you could say they shake hands like this. They walk like this. They speak like this. They're confident when they present and and they and they present this way. What's the difference between being mindful enough to pay attention to what's causing this success and creating that habit in yourself to get the same result. That's all manifestation is.

[00:48:32.40] - Justin Brown

[00:48:32.80] - Rodney Stokes
It's seeing what's already working Right. And then implementing it in yourself.

[00:48:36.40] - Justin Brown
It's that awareness, bro. It is. Just bringing that awareness to it. And then just do and then then not only just doing it, but being it. That's it. Because everything is about a state of being. That's it. You know? You had to literally become it before you actually manifest it.

[00:48:54.00] - Rodney Stokes
And and and think about this, and you're absolutely right. Think on the secret. They say act as if. Act as if. Right? Act as if you already have it. Right? And you just said it. You say you have to be it before you come become it. But think about the word become. You be if you be it, you have to be it, and it will come.

[00:49:11.30] - Justin Brown
Nigga like that. I like that.

[00:49:13.00] - Rodney Stokes
You get what I'm saying? Yep. And so that's what people don't understand. When you act as if when you walk that rate of speed, like, you always and see, if if I tell somebody who doesn't walk to go three miles an hour, they're gonna feel like a fraud. They're gonna feel a phony. They don't they're gonna have the imposter syndrome. Well, this ain't me. They're gonna have all of this self doubt because that's the ego.

[00:49:31.30] - Justin Brown

[00:49:31.59] - Rodney Stokes
That's why it takes twenty one days because you gotta break that to get that that ego out the way. After twenty one days, it's like, yeah. Yeah. That's what I do. It's my third week doing this. You know what I'm saying? After sixty six days, it's like, oh, yeah. I walk every day. Right. You know, that's that's my thing. And guess what? That's who you are. Uh-huh. Exactly. You became it. And then once you automate that, you automate the result. So somebody can look at you and say, man, how are you crushing it like this? Or how do you get these results? To you, it comes naturally. It comes naturally. Yep. Because you automated it.

[00:49:59.00] - Justin Brown
Exactly. Versus having to work for it and work hard at it.

[00:50:03.19] - Rodney Stokes
Because if it working hard just means that it ain't self conscious yet.

[00:50:06.80] - Justin Brown
Exactly. And because you don't you don't believe that you're already it and that you don't and that you don't have it. So you're actually working against yourself, really.

[00:50:15.59] - Rodney Stokes
Yep. Yeah.

[00:50:16.40] - Justin Brown
I like that, man. I like and I think in the entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial journey that that's very pertinent. Because I know for me, like, when I first started, bro, I had a lot of doubts, man. Like, a lot of doubts, like, of course, you know, being raised, getting the traditional nine to five, and even having a nine to five. It's it's hard to see yourself as, as having your own business when you're used to being a worker,

[00:50:45.40] - Rodney Stokes
so to speak.

[00:50:46.30] - Justin Brown
You know? So you even had to break out of that mind frame and, and work to establish something new.

[00:50:52.69] - Rodney Stokes
Right. You You

[00:50:53.09] - Justin Brown
You You know? And eve and that comes with, that comes with you have to be it before you actually, before you actually see the fruits of your labor. And I say it like that because it's it's easy to be an entrepreneur. You know, all you gotta do is go and, you know, get registered with your state and get your I your IRS tax ID and all that other stuff, get you a bank account and all your legal documents and your bank accounts and stuff like that and boom, you're good to go. But the rewards, though, the rewards that you get from it, that comes from having to shift your identity to actually become, that salesman of whatever that that salesman and that saleswoman of whatever that product or service is that you're getting out there.

[00:51:39.69] - Rodney Stokes

[00:51:40.19] - Justin Brown
So it's, it's quite the journey, bro.

[00:51:42.59] - Rodney Stokes
It it is, man. And, like I said, it's the best personal development, program I think anybody can go through. Absolutely. Because, like you say, you know, it's easy. Anybody can set up, you know, a business, a LLC, or whatever.

[00:51:54.09] - Justin Brown

[00:51:54.40] - Rodney Stokes
But, ninety seven percent of businesses fail within the first year, I believe. You know what I mean? So it's not easy to be successful. And the reason is people don't people don't put the time in to actually become business people. They think because they were a hustler, just like I was. You know what I mean? Scheming, thinking of a quick way to make a dollar. Yeah. They think they're they're translate. It doesn't. And then also, they don't wanna change who they are because of their ego.

[00:52:18.09] - Justin Brown
Exactly. They

[00:52:18.69] - Rodney Stokes
don't wanna dial their self in.

[00:52:20.00] - Justin Brown
Exactly. But you know what? Let me let me be honest with you, man. So one of the things that I that I struggle with and and I still I still I don't struggle with it as much. I'm getting through it. But I had to learn not to look at entrepreneurship as work. Yeah. Meaning, if I look at it like work, there's a negative vibe that's attached to it Yeah. Where, you know, I'm thinking, okay, man. Shoot. I gotta go and do this for, you know, for this, and I gotta go do that. I gotta write this blog, or I gotta host this webinar, and I got you start to look at it from the wrong perspective, and you're no longer in the mode of creating. You're in the mode of just having a job and working, and that takes the that takes the fun out of it. That take that takes the expression and the freedom to, the freedom to to recreate it and transform it if necessary. It takes away all your innovative ideas and all that. You know? So so yeah. So I found that, like, in order for me to even be more, to be better in my business, I had to shift from working it to just being engulfed in creating, you know, and just letting myself get lost in that process of creating and seeing what it turns out to be. You know?

[00:53:49.00] - Rodney Stokes
Absolutely. And I'm I'm a I'm a tell you, I don't know if this is this way for everyone. I do know how the human mind works. Like I said, you know, we you tend to go towards things that are pleasurable. You know what I mean? But, as far as, like, for me, a big thing that I had. Right? So I went so hard my first couple of years online, and I had so much failure. I hit so many brick walls that when things look brighter you know what I mean? Like, when when I actually did figure things out, and okay. Now I gotta go back into, you know, ad copy. Now I gotta do video editing again like I did all those times. It didn't work out, but now I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing. I just gotta do these tasks. I have a negative association now Yeah. To where you start procrastinating. You start putting stuff off. And so that's a big reason that most people procrastinate or most people, kinda shy away from doing stuff. Right? And it's it goes back to the same way that you form a habit. And that's why it's important, like, when I do when I'm creating a habit for twenty one days, I give myself a reward because you have to your brain yeah. You have to incentivize it for yourself because, it's it's called neuropathways. So like I said, when you lock in an emotion in a thing, it creates a brand new neuropathway to where it tells your mind, oh, we like this. Remember, your your brain scans past the thing and says, how do we feel about this?

[00:55:11.30] - Justin Brown
Right. Right. Right.

[00:55:12.00] - Rodney Stokes
So for twenty one days, you gotta tell you, oh, we like this. We could we get dopamine release every time we do this. Mhmm. So after twenty one days or I would say after sixty six days for myself, it goes from the reward to the results because the results become the reward for

[00:55:28.09] - Justin Brown
me. Right.

[00:55:28.90] - Rodney Stokes
So if I'm doing sit ups for thirty days Mhmm. I'm not gonna see no six pack.

[00:55:34.09] - Justin Brown

[00:55:34.40] - Rodney Stokes
Right? Not for thirty days. You know? I'm eating chocolate. You know? Little block of chocolate, give me that dopamine. I'm eating a smoothie, banana, whatever releases that dopamine. After sixty six days, I'm not giving myself dope I'm not giving myself a chocolate. I'm not giving myself a smoothie because I'm starting to see things as tightened up. You know, I'm I got that core strength. Right. I'm starting to see a little visible muscle, you know, showing right there.

[00:55:58.19] - Justin Brown
All it take right there, bro. Just

[00:55:59.40] - Rodney Stokes
a little bit. Yep. Exactly. Reward. So So you shift from, an artificial, manually giving yourself the reward into the result becoming a reward.

[00:56:09.69] - Justin Brown

[00:56:10.59] - Rodney Stokes
And then that's what pushes you.

[00:56:11.90] - Justin Brown
And then because you want more of that reward. Exactly. Wanna see more.

[00:56:16.09] - Rodney Stokes
And you're gonna keep going that direction. But no one is gonna do something. Nobody's gonna punch a brick wall. I don't care I don't care, like, the the biggest motivational speaker in the world cannot tell me, cannot convince me that punching a brick wall is good for me. You get what I'm saying? And that's what a lot of people are doing. They they're putting their self in pain, but then they're trying to will, their self to continue putting their self in pain. Right. The trick is just like Kobe. Right? Like I said, I watched the documentary, rest in peace. You know, he passed away earlier this year. Man, that dude was a big inspiration to me. Just like Jordan was. I used to watch Michael Jordan tapes. I used to slow down how he went up the dunk. You know what I mean? It's like I I

[00:56:57.30] - Justin Brown
I I don't know. Yeah.

[00:56:58.09] - Rodney Stokes
I was fascinated by all of that stuff, but more more importantly, their mindset. You know what I mean? Like, Kobe talked about cause and effect. He talked about habits. He was very analytical like that. Mhmm. But, yeah, like, even, like, even what was I talking about?

[00:57:13.00] - Justin Brown
Hold up, bro. So let let's let's back up for a second because you even put me on to something too. Mindful athlete Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Colby. And I wanna say Jordan was using him too. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So let's, first of all, bro, before we go on, how much time what's your time looking like, man?

[00:57:30.59] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, we we can go for some more.

[00:57:31.80] - Justin Brown
We can go a little more. Okay. Yeah. But we'll go a little longer.

[00:57:34.00] - Rodney Stokes
I'm just trying not to sweat too much.

[00:57:35.50] - Justin Brown
No. You got you look. You want that For those who don't know, my man's on a desk treadmill. He real fancy over there today. So he You

[00:57:42.30] - Rodney Stokes
know, I had to level up, man. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:57:43.69] - Justin Brown
Level up. So so he's talking to us, but he breaking a sweat because it's a he's literally on a treadmill right now.

[00:57:49.09] - Rodney Stokes
So he's just like leaning on me.

[00:57:50.80] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's all good, brother. You're good, man. But, yeah, the mindful athletes. So I was talking I was talking to my son, talking to Kyle about that book. And it it's it ties in the exact same principles how when you tap into your subconscious Mhmm. You go into this state of flow Yeah. Where it's and I wanna say I've experienced it maybe, like, maybe, like, once or twice where I felt like it was like a outer body experience where you're watching yourself perform what it is that you're doing, but you're so into it that you're, like, out of it at the same you're watching it at the same time.

[00:58:32.40] - Rodney Stokes

[00:58:32.90] - Justin Brown
So I just I was explaining to Kyle about how, like, with Kobe Bryant when he had that, eighty one eighty one point game. I I wanna say, like, before that game, he was meeting with the with the dude who wrote that book. I and I forget the brother's name who wrote the book.

[00:58:49.00] - Rodney Stokes
George something.

[00:58:50.09] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah. Maybe I'll Something

[00:58:51.90] - Rodney Stokes
with a g.

[00:58:52.69] - Justin Brown
Yeah. I'll post it. I'll post the link in this in in the bottom of this YouTube video for for everybody to see. But, The Mindful Athlete, that that was a great book.

[00:59:02.00] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. But yeah. Not not to cut you off, but No.

[00:59:05.00] - Justin Brown
You're good. You're good. Go ahead.

[00:59:06.00] - Rodney Stokes
Hold your thought. Right?

[00:59:06.80] - Justin Brown

[00:59:07.19] - Rodney Stokes
So the thing I liked about it because I think, he met Kobe in the elevator. Like, he caught up with Kobe, and Kobe was saying, man, I'm just trying to, you know, feel my way through my my game, whatever whatever. And, he said, look. He said, the key to scoring is to try not to score. And he said that very next game, Kobe dropped at eighty one points.

[00:59:25.50] - Justin Brown
You he became detached from the how. Yeah. Is

[00:59:28.59] - Rodney Stokes
it? Yeah. Because you gotta move move your mind out the way. When you think too much, you're you're not trusting what you trained your body to do.

[00:59:34.59] - Justin Brown
No. And what's crazy, though, is that's supposed to be our natural state.

[00:59:40.30] - Rodney Stokes
It is. It is.

[00:59:43.40] - Justin Brown
But we're taught the complete opposite, bro.

[00:59:45.80] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. And let let me let me tell you this, man. Yeah. Habits work in both ways. It it doesn't discriminate. Just like they say the universe doesn't care.

[00:59:53.00] - Justin Brown
Like, mhmm.

[00:59:53.69] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Laws are laws. Right? We we literally live in a simulated game. Okay? And all science is is reverse engineering God, figuring out what the codes are, what the, what what the what the laws are, what the code what the rules to the games are. Mhmm. So it does not discriminate. So you can create habits in a good way, and you can create habits in a bad way. I told you before we got on this call that I went nine days straight doing episodes of my podcast.

[01:00:20.50] - Justin Brown

[01:00:20.90] - Rodney Stokes
And then, you know, because of the quarantine, I'm in the house with the family. So literally, I was waiting till, like, one in the morning till it got quiet Right. To, do my episodes. So I said, man, look. I'm a put this on hold till this quarantine is is over. Right. So whenever you do something more than once, you're now creating a brand new habit. So that was about two weeks ago that I stopped. And I planned on picking up on it the next day, but guess what? I haven't done it since. So I created nine days straight of doing a positive habit, and then once, I said, okay. I'm a put it off to tomorrow. Well, I already put it off yesterday and put it on Monday. I created a brand new habit.

[01:00:54.19] - Justin Brown
A brand new habit. Yeah.

[01:00:55.50] - Rodney Stokes
So it goes either way, negative or positive.

[01:00:57.69] - Justin Brown
And it's crazy because every moment is an opportunity to create a habit. It is. Because every because every moment is an opportunity to make a decision.

[01:01:08.19] - Rodney Stokes
It is.

[01:01:08.69] - Justin Brown
And that's all a habit is based off of. A habit's based off of, okay, what are you deciding to do at this moment?

[01:01:15.19] - Rodney Stokes
Absolutely. We're always practicing something. We're always reinforcing and strengthening something good

[01:01:19.90] - Justin Brown
or bad. Always. So since we're on the topic of the subconscious mind still, one one tactic that I've been using is program my subconscious mind while I sleep.

[01:01:33.69] - Rodney Stokes

[01:01:34.09] - Justin Brown
So Yeah. I've done that. Yeah. So and you know you know what I'm about to tell you. When I recorded my voice Right.

[01:01:42.19] - Rodney Stokes
With my own my own

[01:01:43.00] - Justin Brown
my own my own babies over the binaural beats. I'll record I I'll come up with some affirmations of whatever I wanna whatever programs that I wanna input to my subconscious mind, I'll write them down in the form of I am this. I am healthy. I am I am abundant. I am whatever you wanna be. Write that down, record it over some binaural beats, and then I'll just play it to myself as I go to sleep. Mhmm. And they say that right when and I I forget what the level of that, that brainwave is, but, you know, we all move from different brave, brainwaves as we go to sleep and as we wake up.

[01:02:22.50] - Rodney Stokes

[01:02:23.59] - Justin Brown
But whatever that brain wave is, is is it is it theta? I wanna say is it is it theta?

[01:02:28.50] - Rodney Stokes
I don't think it's theta. I could tell you right now, but Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[01:02:30.90] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Look that up for me before I while I finish going through. But I know that whatever that brainwave is, that, that's like the window

[01:02:39.90] - Rodney Stokes
to your

[01:02:40.19] - Justin Brown
subconscious mind. It's theta. Okay. Good. Good. So it's theta. So whenever you get to that theta brain state, then that's when you have that open door that the mind that the conscious mind is now out of the way. Okay? Because at first, it's a gate. So any type of programs that you try to bring in, that conscious mind is up there. So although you're telling yourself these things, if conscious mind is still awake and alert, it's gonna be that it's gonna service that that block, that filter. So at that beta state, that's when you the the conscious mind goes down and now you have that open doorway. So at that point of falling asleep, I'm hearing myself tell myself who I am, and my subconscious mind is just eating it up. So I've been doing that for quite some time, honestly. And I don't really I'll say it like this. I don't really feel like I have anything to, like, substantiate that it's working. But I do feel like it's playing a role at least because I feel like it's all it's reinforcing, the previous experiences that I've had. Like, when I told you about when I did the thirty day affirmations when I'm writing it down. Mhmm. And how I had those benchmarks where I felt despair, but then I had all those business ideas that I was running with and I'm working on and such. Right. So I I feel like I feel like when I program myself at night to go to sleep, I feel like that's also playing a role and giving me these other ideas that I'm having as well.

[01:04:23.90] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, it it is.

[01:04:24.80] - Justin Brown
So I feel like it's all coming together somehow. You know? It is.

[01:04:28.19] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Because, you know, like I said, is it Bruce Lipton?

[01:04:33.09] - Justin Brown

[01:04:33.19] - Rodney Stokes
He says, subconscious is really, is really, like, undermining, like, how powerful, you know, that part of the mind is. You know, that part of consciousness is. Because like I said, ninety five percent of what we do comes from that, And, sub means beneath. You know, something that you're not you're just not not thinking about. So anything we just do that we don't think about anymore, you know what I'm saying, is in the subconscious mind.

[01:05:00.50] - Justin Brown

[01:05:00.80] - Rodney Stokes
So you might not think that it showed up in a way that it would show up, you know, if you if you generally think about it. But those little micro decisions that you're making is causing an effect to happen that's accumulating over time.

[01:05:15.69] - Justin Brown
Right. Right. And I like that idea about the micro decisions because it's the small decisions that are the most important ones, man.

[01:05:22.80] - Rodney Stokes
It is.

[01:05:23.50] - Justin Brown
Like, when you honor those small decisions, you'll be surprised of the change you can create in your life.

[01:05:29.59] - Rodney Stokes
Absolutely. You You

[01:05:30.40] - Justin Brown
You You know? Yeah. Yeah. Well, this is good stuff, brother, man. I definitely appreciate you coming out here and, sharing your gems with us and your tidbits from your from your, your entrepreneurial journey. Definitely appreciate you, man. So before we go, tell us how to tell us how we can find you if somebody wanted to get in contact with you.

[01:05:51.69] - Rodney Stokes
I'm on Facebook so you can, you know, go to facebook dot com slash rodney stokes online, r o d n e y s t o k e s online. And, hopefully, by the time you listen to, this podcast, this video, this blog post, however you're getting it, I have my software launched, and that'd be at social prospector pro dot com. And, also, I have a podcast that I just started that I was just talking about. Got nine episodes so far. Hopefully, I'll do more by the time you listen again. That's at prospector podcast dot com.

[01:06:25.30] - Justin Brown
Awesome. Awesome. Well, thanks again for that, man. We appreciate you coming out here and sharing your knowledge with us. And, we'll definitely absolutely. And we'll definitely make sure to get you back on here again.

[01:06:36.40] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, yeah. Much love, man. Hopefully, I can get back on here, man. I'm digging.

[01:06:40.00] - Justin Brown
Yeah. Absolutely. You already know, bro. Alright, man.