In this interview with the Positive Vibes podcast, I discuss my story as well as my advice for anyone looking to create a successful online business!

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[00:00:03.70] - Zee Waqar
And good evening, everyone. This is. And I'm really excited to have mister Roger Stope on my show. And, we are at we have, this four number four positive vibe number fourteen. And, I'm really excited to have mister Rodney Stokes who is founder and CEO of Social Prospector Pro software. And he's going to share a valuable some valuable advices about, you know, about this organic marketing lead generation. And we will we're going to learn something about his own journey, how he started. And, and definitely, we are going to have an awesome session out there. So hey, Rodney. What's up?

[00:00:49.70] - Rodney Stokes
Hey. Let me unmute myself. Can you hear me?

[00:00:52.10] - Zee Waqar
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:00:53.39] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. How you doing, man? It's it's a pleasure. Yeah. I'm I'm

[00:00:55.39] - Zee Waqar
I'm I'm doing good. I'm doing absolutely wonderful and really excited to see you live. And, and and, I really admire your work, the way you're doing, you know, providing valuable stuff to people who are, you know, really suffering in organic marketing. And, so let's start off our show. We'll talk about you know, you you'd like to learn about yourself, you know, your backstory, how you started, you know, even before this online, you journey journey. What were you doing and how you how everything got started?

[00:01:35.20] - Rodney Stokes
Okay. So, I actually I've been around for ten years now. So I I first, when I came online, it was back in two thousand eleven. And, Alright. I was yeah. I just graduated from college, and, basically, my my mindset was just basketball. You know, you could probably tell, you know, I'm a tall guy. I'm six eight. You know, I play basketball. That's my favorite sport. I played it all my life. And at the time, I I was planning on going overseas, you know, going professional, trying to work my way up, making some money. But, if you're a NBA fan or anybody who watches this, you know that in two thousand eleven, that's when they had the NBA lockout. And so Right. All the the NBA players were going overseas and taking all of the overseas players' spots, and people who were just trying to get their foot in the door really didn't have anywhere to go. You know? So yeah. So I I had to try to find a way to make money, but then also not get tied down to a actual career or nine to five because I wanted to play ball. And so Nice. The first thing that came to my mind, go on a computer, Google, make money online, or ways to make money online. And from there, man, it just I I kinda got obsessed with it. I, I started off in the network marketing side of stuff. And, one of the programs yeah. I joined a company called Five Links, and, I was trying to figure out how to promote that online. One of the first programs I joined was MyLeadSystemPRO or MLSP for short. And, from there, once I plugged into that, I started learning different strategies on at the time, I was doing a lot of Twitter marketing. So I was getting a lot of results on Twitter, then I moved over to YouTube. And I was just learning different, workarounds and different loopholes and tricks. And, and that's, it was a lot easier to make money online, in my opinion, especially doing all the stuff because, you know, you didn't have the Google Slaps. You didn't have all these updates and, you know, it was it was a wide open thing. You know, everybody was big money. Right. Not everybody, but a lot of people were making money. So lot of people. Yeah. To to to fast forward, man, I've always just been a guy who was into traffic. So, you know, in two thousand thirteen, I finally thought to get myself a coach. I I paid a guy named Todd. I'm not gonna say his full name, but I paid him, I think, two hundred dollars for, like, a hour of his time. And, and, basically, everything that I was telling him I was running into, he was like, okay. Okay. He just listened. And then at the end, he just told me one thing that just clicked. Pretty much, I was spending I sorted my budget on how much I was paying for traffic. I was paying for solo ad traffic. One hundred percent of my advertising was solo ads. And he basically asked me, well, why don't you sell solo ads? And I thought about that, and, you know, I thought to myself, well, why would I sell solo ads? And he said, well, think about it. Just like Facebook, just like Google, just like these different platforms, you get paid upfront when you provide traffic. So, hopefully, say, for example, if John Smith wanted to order traffic or he wanted to pay for Facebook PPC, he's paying Facebook their price regardless if he gets results, if his funnel was put together well, or if he does a good job after that traffic goes to his website, that has nothing to do with Facebook. He paid Facebook for the traffic. They sent it, and then their job was done. And so right. Once I understood that, and and I kinda knew that it was, like, guaranteed money and it was upfront money, I went over to the email marketing traffic route. And from there, I've learned I mean, to to basically to sum it up, I've I've provided traffic for a lot of big names in this industry. I've seen a lot of successful funnels. I've seen a lot of bad funnels. I've seen why funnels fail, that people make. So just learning those different ins and outs and comparing and contrasting. You know, I I kinda started to put together little tools that will help myself get results along the way. For every little thing that I needed to do, any roadblock, I would try to figure out how to get past it. And if I could, I will create a tool. And that way, I can automate it next time I run into that. And so fast forward to, I would say, two thousand sixteen, I started kinda getting getting more and more into creating tools and scripts and stuff like that. And at the time, I was still doing a lot of team building stuff. I wasn't really into network marketing, but I was in the biz ops space where I was still team and, you know, building a team and referring people. And I let a couple of people on my team in this particular company called Skinny Body Care. I let a couple of people on my team use a few scripts. Right away, within, like, two days, they got results for the first time. And their mind was blown. They were saying, where was this the whole time? This is amazing. And then at that point, I thought, well, why don't I just package it up and put it out to everybody? Because I know everyone needs it because everybody needs traffic and leads, especially for free. And so that's when I kinda came up with the idea to come out with my software company and put out tools specifically for people who are looking to prospect on social media and especially who are looking to not pay. You know, especially that much money, you know, because you're gonna pay for the tool, but the tool is gonna give you, you know, results for free, if you get what I mean. Right. Yeah. So

[00:06:47.80] - Zee Waqar
how's it going so far as, since two thousand sixteen, you said you've lost this kind of software business. So how's it going so far? And how many subscribers you've got, you know, so far in that particular software?

[00:07:01.50] - Rodney Stokes
Well, in two thousand sixteen, that's when I started kinda creating different scripts and tools for myself. So I actually didn't start my I created, my software company at the end of two thousand nineteen, and I didn't actually start putting things out and getting feedback and stuff until around April of last year with, twenty twenty amongst all the claims. You know? So it it's been good, you know, to to to be honest with you. It's been it's been really good. And I think that the pandemic kinda helped, in a way too because so many people were at home. You know? So many people were trying to look for extra ways to make money and finally coming online to see, can I make some income on the Internet? So, you know, last year was really well. I still I I haven't done anything with paid advertising. So right now, I'm at the point where I'm kinda getting things ready to start scaling up with some paid ads and bringing more members in. But, last time I checked, everything's a hundred percent organic. But last time I checked, we had a little bit over probably twenty five hundred, users of Social Prospector Pro. The amount of of them that are still active, I think, is between, like, seven to eight hundred or something. But, again, we're growing organically, you know, and a lot of it is referral based and everything. And then, also, I have a whole suite of other complimentary tools that help people. When they get to a certain stage, they might run into an issue, and this tool will help with that. So that's primarily my focus, just building out the suite of tools that helping people get the results and then, you know, get it prepared for scaling up. So so far so good.

[00:08:37.60] - Zee Waqar
Alright. Great. Your story actually resembles my mine as well because, you know, my, online struggle is it's all about, you know, I was doing sort of side hustle for the past, you know, especially for past five years. But, ever since this pandemic hit hit, I I was lucky as kind of CEO, man. I started exploring things and, you know, got into ClickFunnels, got into, you know, you know, organic marketing. And then I actually found out that, organic marketing actually takes a lot of time. But, I got your Social Prospector Pro software, and I found out that this is a software that every, you know, social, marketer should need it, should use use it because, you know, when we say that we we start our online business, the the number one question is who? I mean, the right customer to add in into our Facebook profile. Right? So I think your tool is is, is, really wonderful, and it really helped me out. So, tell us about your struggle. Do did you, actually had that kind of struggle? Do you you also, you know, doing some organic marketing as well? So did you face that struggle and then you came up with the solution?

[00:09:59.00] - Rodney Stokes
Oh, yes. So, so, actually so I paid the first guy to mentor me. It well, kind of a coaching call. And then the second time, I'll say his name because this is a good friend of mine, Wayne Crowe. I paid Wayne Crowe, I think it was five years ago. I paid him to teach me some of his tactics because he's a very smart guy. He has his own company called traffic domination. But, he knows the in in and outs of conversions. And, and it and kind of the things that he showed me, it kinda it was a paradigm shift. And I and I started because here's the thing. You know, a lot of us and I love Russell Brunson for those of you who whoever's listening. If you're looking for a guy who really knows his stuff besides Z, you know, Zay, Russell Brunson. This guy is brilliant. And, and and basically oh, I just lost my train of thought. So, basically, Russell Brunson teaches, that everyone has a superpower and that your is what we think is our weakness, like me, like, I'm I'm more of a techie person. I'm I don't really, I'm not I don't wanna be on a camera and stuff all day and doing all of the social stuff. I'd rather just make it work and then put it out there. Right? So Nice. What's my what I think is a weakness is actually a strength because it makes people connect to you because the average person doesn't wanna be on camera and do these presentations and stuff like that. So, when I met Wayne, when I got some mentorship from Wayne, he he showed me that things that I was kinda taking for granted because I've had a whole bunch of tools and systems for myself that were just there doing things for

[00:11:41.70] - Zee Waqar
me. Right?

[00:11:42.50] - Rodney Stokes
And he would say, man, what is that? Like, I was showing my screen, and I'm like, oh, well, that's just that's ClickGrabber Pro. It does this, this, and that for me. And he's saying, well, who else has any? No. It's just mine. And it will blow his mind that I will create these things, and nobody else knew about it. And so he kinda gave me a paradigm shift to where I thought, again, if I had these issues, a lot of people else a lot of other people out there are struggling with this, and that's when I started kind of being open to, you know, putting systems and software and stuff out there. But up until that point, you know, I would say I struggled, but I would say the majority of the things that I struggle with was kind of pinpointing what I I was actually happy, with as far as a business because I went the network marketing route. I did that a couple of times. I was joining these different crypto things, and some of them was falling apart. Some of them took people's money. So it was just really bouncing around and trying to apply my skills that I accumulated onto something where I can call home, and I was proud of. That was the biggest thing that I struggle with because who wants to try to build up something for it to be, six months later? You know what I mean? Right. But, yes, I mean, I I struggle just like everybody else. The only thing is I made a commitment that once I stopped playing basketball, that was my dream. Once I stopped playing basketball, I said I'm never gonna quit another dream that I have or another goal that I have. I'm gonna stay with me. So I literally told myself that I'm gonna figure this stuff out, period. There's no advancement. So it's just longevity. That's all it is. You just stay with it. Whoever is the the the best in something is they just spend it longer or they got more practice in. You know? That's it's like a saying, the difference between, I think, a yellow belt or a white belt, whatever the first belt is in karate, the difference between a white belt and a black belt is repetition. No problem. That's it.

[00:13:39.20] - Zee Waqar
Exactly. Literally want

[00:13:40.29] - Rodney Stokes
the same thing, but they've done they've done it more times, and they've done it longer. That's all.

[00:13:45.60] - Zee Waqar
So, basically, you're, you're saying that you're doing this your entrepreneurship journey, you was you you have done, like, network marketing, your crypto thing. You know, it quite resembles to myself as well. And, until I unless I found out, okay, this is the thing. Like, this is the, as I saw this, ClickFunnels and, you know, this world is totally different. And I thought, man, this is the thing. So as you find found out that, okay, now this is the software that is really helpful for for other people. And and after that you started pushing that software and, I mean, providing solutions to people out there who are struggling and, you in turn, you, you made money. Right? This is all about the entrepreneurship. So, tell us about, now to move towards the, you know, the software features and what exactly it does and how, important it is to have it if you are in if someone into organic marketing and, you know, the the amount of time which this software can save, it's really, you know, really great. So I would like you to ex actually explain what what features the software has and the other, you know, features that you you you know, as soon as you move to the next level in your software. So tell us about your software thing.

[00:15:16.00] - Rodney Stokes
Sure. So, let me let me see if I can share my screen on here. Let's see. Share screen. And let me know if you, if you see it. Okay.

[00:15:30.29] - Zee Waqar
Yeah. I can add it to my stream.

[00:15:35.00] - Rodney Stokes
Okay. You see it? Yep. Alright. So, so what you see right here is a four step process. It's the same exact step step, process that I went through when I created my software company. And the first thing you wanna start off with is you wanna think, who do I wanna serve? Who is my perfect customer? So Exactly. Yeah. So that is often I wouldn't say it's the hardest part, but it's overlooked. People don't take it serious enough because this is the building block that everything else is built on top of. So if you don't really take this part serious, you're gonna miss out. Right? And you're gonna be in a business that's either gonna fail or you're gonna be miserable every single day. So once I figured out who I wouldn't mind working with on a daily basis as far as customer support and all of those things, I then ask myself, where can I find them or where they're hanging out? The beautiful thing about Facebook is everything is in the public, even the, the private groups. The fact that you can find hundreds of groups that are targeted for whatever your specific niche is is a blessing because

[00:16:40.89] - Zee Waqar
Nice. I'll I'll

[00:16:42.00] - Rodney Stokes
show you in a second. But once I figured out who I wanted to serve and then I pinpointed where they they're hanging out on Facebook, I then said, what bait will I use to attract them? And then I said, what result do I wanna give them? So just remember those questions, and I'm just gonna pull up social prospector pro real quick. So this software right here, I often break it down into two different, objectives. So starting off, what I advise people to do is just clean up your Facebook profile. Your existing Facebook profile as it is right now is probably in worse shape than you can imagine as far as the amount of dead, dead, leads you have on your list as far as deactivated friends. Just to tell you a story, I had a, a username, Mona, and she was excited. She had just signed up, and she said, well, I'm a go through the tutorials, but where where do you think I should start? Which feature I should I should start with first? And I said, well, look. If you wanna see something interesting, as soon as you log into the software, go to the deactivated profiles, which is what I'm on right now, and see how many how much dead weight you have on your fridge. And her mom was blown. She had, like, five hundred and ninety or six hundred or something, deactivated prints. And these people can be deactivated because Facebook deactivated them for, you know, doing something weird, or they chose to disable their Facebook account. Either way, they're not gonna see your offer, so they're taking up space from people who would like to see your offer. So you can see on this account yeah. So on my personal account right here, I have six people that are deactivated. If I wanted to, I can go through I or I can click select all, and I can remove them. But let me show you something else. I'll just exit it out on accident. But let me let me just explain something else to you why this loads back up. So, again, it's two different objectives. So starting off, you wanna make sure you use it as a Facebook management tool, a Facebook profile management tool. Just like I said, to remove the dead weight, the deactivated friends on your account. Also, you can, clean out old messages. Or what I like to do is and I'm just basically killing time as this loads up. What I like to do is I'll go through, the mass message remover tool. And I have so many people that just spam me, that send me, you know, their links or, you know, it's Chrome extensions and and stuff out here in the marketplace that that kinda tries to, message you and ask you basically why you send me a firm request. So yeah. So I'll go through, and I'll individually click on all of those type of messages, and I'll let the software remove all of that stuff because I, you know, it might be profitable for someone else to do that, but at this point, I can't individually go and try to, you know, have those type of conversations with people.

[00:19:32.20] - Zee Waqar

[00:19:32.40] - Rodney Stokes
the overall objective, once you clear out your friend's name, you remove the dead weight, you remove all the old messages, and, basically, you have that settled with. Then it turns from a Facebook, Facebook profile management tool to a lead generation tool. And as soon as it loads up, I'll show you. But let me just open up my Facebook account, and I'm gonna give you an example. It's the same example that's on the sales page. You just exit out of this. So say, for example, my business, my company was to sell dog food. And a person might think, how in the world can I organically, you know, get people in front of my offer if I sell dog food? How can I find the right people? So people automatically assume they have to do paid ads because they think that's the only way they can get targeted like that. But what if I told you that there are hundreds of communities on Facebook with people who are obsessed with their dogs, who are obsessed with how their dogs look, how their dogs smell, and what their dogs eat. And so one of these groups you can go to is a dog lover community. Now this is a open group. So you can see I can see every post inside of here, but say it was closed. All you gotta do is click to join. Say you join five to ten of these type of groups. Now what you have access to is forty five thousand members who treat their dog like an extended, like an like a family member. These people care about their dogs. So if my profile remember the third and fourth question on here.

[00:21:08.59] - Zee Waqar

[00:21:08.90] - Rodney Stokes
What what bait will I use to it, and what results do I wanna give them? Well, the result is I wanna give them premier organic, high quality dog food because they love their dogs. They wanna take care of their dogs, and I wanna sell that as a product. Now what date do I wanna put out there? I'll just use my business as an example. I have this I have a software company. I help people generate leads for free on Facebook. So that's the results that I wanna give people. I already know where my customers are hanging out. My future customers are hanging out. And here's the bait that I wanna use to attract them. Free cheat sheet, four steps to hacking your Facebook profile for unlimited lead sales and sign ups. If they click on that, they could see download free cheat sheet. They click on this. Well, it's blocking me because it's my IP on that tracking line. It takes them directly to this page. Okay. Right. And and that brings up a a good point too. See, I'm tracking these clicks. I track every single aspect that's going on on my Facebook account. So because I'm tracking these clicks, I don't wanna mess up my stats. So I I made it so it blocks my own IP. But, again, it takes this page, they see the congruency. Okay. It says the same thing again, free cheat sheet. This is where I'm supposed to land. They look at the reviews. They say, okay. Well, this is this seems harmless. And they see the benefits. They decide to opt in. Now I just generated a free lead that probably woulda cost me three to five to seven dollars if I ran Facebook PPC. I think they say on average and I suck at Facebook ads. Right? That's one of the main things I don't do them. But they say on average, you're gonna pay about three dollars per lead on Facebook ads. No matter how good you are or or or what, that's just the average now. So I just generated a lead that is very interested in what I had to offer, and I know they're interested because I'm about to show you. Because I targeted them let me just show you real quick. Let's go back to the dog lover example. So I'm a go to the dog lover community, and now you're gonna see something different. You see how that's blinking red? Yep. See these posts that have, engagement? It's gonna blink red. The reason it's blinking red? Look at this. Does your dog have an Instagram? If so, put the handle. This is insane. Like, these people are passionate, and that's exactly what type of market you wanna get in. So I wanna click right here on that blinking twenty one people that engaged. And you can see now it pops up and it shows options. Option to friend only mutual people, so people who have things in common or people in common with you. Or you're gonna leave it unchecked. And if you press start, it's gonna scroll down the page to load up all of these pro, these pending, things that you could send a firm request to. Is gonna come back to the top, and it's gonna individually firm request every single person on this post. So Mhmm. A person might think, well, why do I wanna firm request somewhere? Why don't I just put my link inside of the group? That's the bad that you don't wanna think that way because that's the fastest way to get kicked out of that group and banned for life. And then you wanna come off as a spammer. No one wants to buy or join something from a spammer. So what you wanna actually do, once you're starting to do this process and you're sending friend request every single day, look at this, a hundred and fifty nine. Maybe you want the most passionate people. Maybe you'll click on the hearts only and click start, and then there's a friend request. But once you start to friend request every single person that you come across in these targeted groups and targeted posts, what's gonna happen is Facebook allows us to have five thousand friends at any given time. Now imagine if every single person that was friends with you on your Facebook profile was your perfect prospect or your perfect customer, or they've say, for example, I also do solo ad traffic, which I told you. So my primary my perfect customer is a person who understands capture pages, who knows about funnels, who knows about follow-up. They know they they need traffic. They know they need leads. So my barrier of entry is easy. If I can if I can target a person who understands that this is not a pyramid scheme, yes, it's possible to make money online. That's the issue that most people run into. When they're trying to oversell, they're they're targeting their aunt, their uncle, their cousin, people they went to school. These people who are they don't have that, they're not pre framed. So the secret is you wanna pre frame some of these people. Let's do our lead system. You wanna target people who have already been pre framed and know exactly what steps it takes in the process. So people inside of this group, Power Lead System, forty seven thousand people, first of all, they paid to get inside this group, they paid between seven dollars up to probably a couple hundred dollars. I can't remember what it is now. So we know they spend money. So we know they're a believer in online marketing. And then also, Power Lease System, everything they teach is about funnels, conversions, capture pages, follow-up. They basically train my crowd. They train my prospect for me. And inside of this group, all I do is frame request as many people as I can on a daily basis to get to five thousand people on my list. And now every single time I post, I'm gonna get likes, shares, I'm gonna get views. But most importantly, I'm getting eyeballs on my offer, my service, whatever it is that I sell. And I know every single time is being seen by the perfect person. There's no better person that can see my, my Facebook post. So people say, well, Facebook decreased their, the reach every year. It it went down. It used to be two percent. Can you see me?

[00:27:03.20] - Zee Waqar
Yes. Yes. I can see you.

[00:27:04.90] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. So so people like to complain. They say, well, yeah. But Facebook ads, you know, you can pay and you can, you know, get views faster or whatever. And that's all well that's that's well and good. But the smart marketers and myself, I did this as well. The the very first time that you promote something, the very first time you launch something, it's gonna fail because it's gonna suck at first. Even when I came out with LeadGramber Pro, that first month, I was literally taking suggestions. Someone said, well, this shouldn't work this way or, what about this? What if you add this? And I was making notes, and I was improving it. Every single week, I was making updates. I was basically getting all of the feedback from the members, and it was like a consultants. It was like a a couple hundred consultants that were taking a look at my software that were paying, so they were still customers, and they were giving feedback. And in exchange, I was doing all the improvements and updates based on their feedback. And then what I did was I grandfathered them in. So when the price went up because at the time, it was thirty dollars a month for the pro version. Mhmm. When the price went up to the forty seven dollar per month, I told everybody as a act of gratitude for all of the feedback and you guys being here from the very beginning, I'm gonna grandfather you all in thirty a month, and you'll never pay higher. Unless you choose to come back and create a brand new account with different details or something for some weird reason. But that's a great strategy that anyone can do. When you're putting something brand new out, you wanna test with targeted traffic, but why not test with free traffic? It doesn't cost you anything, and you're gonna get that feedback that's gonna allow you to improve it, which is gonna over make you more profitable overall. So Right. To sum it up, it's a four step process. Once I learned that four step process and I I believe I learned it from Russell Brunson again.

[00:28:50.70] - Zee Waqar
This is quite familiar to me. It looks quite familiar to me.

[00:28:54.59] - Rodney Stokes
Yeah. Because, he he teaches that, you know, people congregate. People hang out in the same places. Wrestlers hang out in wrestler groups. Basketball players hang out in ESPN groups or whatever it is. So once you know that I'm serving wrestlers, all you gotta do is become friends. All you gotta do is join these groups and then friend request them. Get five thousand friends that are all wrestlers on your Facebook group and then post about your wrestling products. And it's gonna be hard not to make sales.

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