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Hey. What's going on? Rodney Stokes here. And I just wanna talk about something I just saw the other day. So it's one of my favorite movies since I was a kid. I actually have a tattoo with the same title. It's a movie called Hoop Dreams that came out in the early nineties where they followed two kids from the inner city of Chicago on their journey to playing ball, getting better, getting recruited, and joining different teams and being recruited into college. And so one particular scene which I've experienced myself personally with being recruited and the whole prospecting scenario where all of these different schools reach out to you, they'll even fly out to you. And they go through so many hoops to convince you to join them and get started with their program, right? Sounds familiar? So that's basically the whole follow-up process in a nutshell. And I just wanna show you how you don't have to get stuck behind a computer and just doing conventional stuff where you let an automated email series just do its thing. That's no longer as effective as it used to be. You gotta step it up and be creative and think outside the box. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a snippet of that video so you can see the different creative ideas that they did to not only win them over, gain trust, and assure them that they will have a great place in their program. But also, the forecasting that they did, where they allowed one particular player to imagine and see himself hitting the game-winning shot. Seeing his name in big writings in a newspaper article. You know, they even had a video with a fake announcer talking about a game-winning shot to where the guy can literally put himself in that situation and you just see how his whole face lit up. It's no different than when you have a solution for your prospect and you put it in terms where if it's like, you know, if you're struggling to generate leads, just imagine purchasing this traffic service and never running into that issue again. Imagine what it's like to have all of this overflow of leads coming in to where now your only job is to reach out and follow-up and convince them to join. Or I have software that helps people generate leads on Facebook and typically, I tell them the same thing. I'll say, well, what niche are you in? They might say the travel industry. That it became a lifestyle obsession to the point where they join groups all about it. So it's different tactics that you're gonna pick up. Like I said, I'm gonna keep this short and I'm gonna go ahead and push you right to the clip and hopefully you get some value from it.

If you're looking for a progressive college basketball program with experienced leadership and a winning tradition, then the Marquette Warriors are for you.

William's first home recruiting visit. Three top schools postponed visits preferring to wait and see how William will do his senior year at Saint Joe's.

If you don't make the test score, it doesn't mean we don't want you because we still do. That's what I'm telling you. If you tear your knee out again this year and you can't play ever again, you're gonna have your education paid for at Marquette University.

I know that the scholarship is one year renewable.

Gene's right about this, but any school worth his salt is gonna give you four years. The bottom line is this. We wanna win the national title. Number two, I wanna make you the best player I can. I wanna give you an opportunity to maybe someday be one of those guys that goes out and make some money in Europe or in the NBA. You're one of seven guys that we're recruiting right now. You're recruiting seven guys? Seven guys for three spots. Where he fit in? Where's he fit in? As soon as William tells me he's not looking at any other schools, then I'm not looking at any other players. So so what? The first one signed this. Well well, that's what it's gonna come down to. If I tell you that, hey. You're our guy and this and that, and I lose you to Kansas, Indiana, North Carolina State or something, I'm out of luck. The president's saying to me, boy, Kev, I thought you were recruiting a guard. It's a tough situation, but that's it's something that has to be done.

It's a great place, and we're getting ready to have it rocking too. Best is yet to come. My serious wall play has been through this building. Junior Bridgeman, Sydney Moncrie, Bob O'Neil, Oscar Robertson. Can you see yourself playing in this place here, eighteen thousand in it? Big difference from Saint Joe's now.

We stayed at the Hyatt, and it was nice. Real nice.

They had these balloons all hanging up on the ceiling. Everything. They really did it up. And I must say, we did it up too. We room service. And had these phony newspapers written up.

Notre Dame, seventy-seven. Marquette, seventy-six. Gates is out high calling for the ball. There are six seconds left. The freshman spins past the defender, slicing to his left to the foul line. Three seconds left, Clark hit down by one. Gates launches a right one hand and it's on the way.

If you think we care about you a lot recruiting, we're gonna do more when you're here. You know that. Don't let it get to a point where somebody else comes in and takes a scholarship away. Let us know what you wanna do and unless you know what you wanna do right now. He knows what he won't say.


Talk to any leading black people on the campus?

The leading black people? Yeah.

You know? Well, whoever might be in charge of all the black students on campus, what kind of community life they have for the blacks there. Did you talk to anyone about it? Did you ask the players how they're treated?


Yeah. What did you say?


Players said they treated fine. I mean, they get the best of everything.

You think that's where you wanna go? Yeah.

That's fine. Now obviously if you wait, you'll have all the other schools that were on you before like Kansas and Indiana and North Carolina State.

It's alright but I discussed it with

I think you should take a few days because you just came back. You understand?


Is there any catch with this?

Oh, this is the mail to four years of excellence.

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